Handling of Returns

Each distribution stage in a three-stage distribution system is responsible for the risks of its own materials scheduling. As part of a cooperative business relationship, a return of goods can therefore only be an exception.

The following terms and conditions apply for any such exception:

1. Any acceptance of returned goods is on a voluntary basis at all times and without recognition of any legal obligations. The wholesale trade alone shall be entitled to a return of goods in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

2. Returns and warehouse liquidations and stock clearances must be reported using the returns registration form, which can be found at https://partner.gira.com/en/service/meingira/profil.html
(Please note, that you have to log in to your My Gira account to access the Gira returns portal)

3. Only saleable goods in original packaging will be accepted. Goods which are no longer listed in the catalogue or no longer saleable, as well as custom-made products, cannot be accepted as returned goods. Only those goods which were purchased within the last 24 months will be accepted as returned goods. This must be verified by including the order confirmation / delivery note.

4. Returns with a total value of less than EUR 250 will not be credited or refunded. These returns will not be processed due to the high level of manual expenditure involved. In these cases, Gira reserves the right to dispose of the goods. By returning goods that fulfil the conditions stated in sentence 1, you declare your agreement to the destruction of the goods insofar as you have not demanded a return of the goods within 4 weeks. Disposal of the goods will not take place until after the end of this period at the earliest. There will be no return of the goods.

5. We will charge a flat rate of 15 % of the cost price for the inspection, accounting and storage as part of returns handling. A flat rate of 15 % of the current purchase price will be charged if no order confirmation or delivery note has been provided.

6. Acceptance of returns is always subject to reservation.

For further enquiries, please contact:

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Thank you for your kind cooperation.


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