Gira catalogue 2017/2018 – printed or digital

The Gira catalogue presents the entire range, with all prices, naturally including all new products. As in previous years, the catalogue is available not only in the traditional printed version, but also as a PDF file for download or as an online catalogue. The Gira online catalogue is continuously updated, meaning that it always shows the most up-to-date range. The digital formats are also ideal for working on the computer. And they have another advantage: because they are paperless, they save valuable resources. Perhaps you too will use the digital version this year. However, we are also happy to send you as many copies of the printed catalogue as you like.

Update reference quantities for the Gira catalogue 2018/2019 now

Printed catalogue

The printed version of the Gira catalogue is now even easier to navigate. The new structure helps you to find the products you are looking for more quickly and the preview pages clearly separate the different chapters. Every chapter starts with an introductory page with a list of contents for handy orientation. The description of the individual products focuses wholly on what you need to know for planning, selection and order.

PDF file

The Gira catalogue is also available as a PDF file, which is exactly the same as the printed catalogue. Once you have downloaded the file, you can browse through the Gira product range conveniently at your computer, even if you are offline. The bookmark bar includes a table of contents with links which lead you directly to the desired chapter. The search function in Acrobat Reader can be used to search by keywords, topics, or directly by products.

Online catalogue

You will find the entire Gira range in the Gira online catalogue, with up-to-date prices, and the comprehensive list of order numbers and technical data, including all new products. Access information and compile your own parts list. You can save this in different formats and import it onto your system, print it out or forward it via email to a contact of your choice.


  • Even easier to navigate due to clearer structure
  • Preview page for each chapter
  • Introductory pages with list of contents


  • Digital version of the printed catalogue
  • Download the PDF and browse offline
  • Digital list of contents with links
  • Search function for directly searching for
    keywords, topics and products


  • Order numbers and prices always up to date
  • Create, manage and
    send parts list
  • Download data sheets, user instructions, etc.
    directly from the product site
  • Intelligent search with filter options
  • Product comparison

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