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Gira HomeServer / Gira FacilityServer – Firmware


Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 15.344 Kb

Version: 4.6.0

Date: 22.09.2017


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Update of HomeServer and FacilityServer hardware

Due to a component being discontinued, it is necessary to update the HomeServer and FacilityServer hardware.

The updated hardware can be identified by the index statuses on the product labels:

  • HomeServer: Index status I21
  • FacilityServer: Index status I17

The hardware revision also required an update of the firmware software, in order to integrate the drivers for the new hardware components.

This firmware is loaded with the updated hardware in the factory.

Upon delivery, projects that have been created with Expert software 4.5.0 can be loaded directly without having to update the firmware.

Older firmware versions, 4.5.0 and lower, are not compatible with the new versions of the hardware.

It is not possible to load older versions via the IP network.

Loading via the RS232 interface cannot be prevented for technical reasons, however this would lead to malfunctions in the HomeServer/FacilityServer.


Please see the following table for compatibility between hardware, firmware and Expert.

  Firmware-Version up to 4.5.0

Firmware-Version from 4.6.0 onwards

Experte Version up to 4.4.0

Experte Version from 4.5.0 onwards

HomeServer 2 ok  —  ok  ok

HomeServer 3

ok  —  ok  ok

FacilityServer 3

ok  —  ok  ok

HomeServer 4 → up to I20

ok  ok  ok  ok

FacilityServer 4 → up to I16

ok  ok  ok  ok

HomeServer 4 → from I21

 ok  —  ok

FacilityServer 4 → from I17

 ok  —  ok