Data protection and data security in the Smart Home

The following applies to servers, operating devices and actuators, as well as all Smart Home devices used in the home: Data protection and technical data security are particularly important issues that must be handled appropriately. Smart Home projects always involve sensitive personal data that you as an installer can access – like the number of residents, when they are at home and when they are out, user behaviour and frequently also camera images in which people are visible. Thanks to our years of experience, we can help you with all your questions and tasks relating to data protection and data security.

  • Gira online seminars on data protection and data security
  • Solutions for the secure Smart Home
  • An increasing number of Gira products meet the KNX Secure Standard
  • With the S1, the customer network can be accessed via the VPN
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Our recommendations for greater data security

Protecting personal data, safeguarding technical systems – we have summarised the most important things you need to keep in mind regarding these two topics. With this knowledge, you will be well prepared for your next Smart Home project. For the contractual protection of personal data, you can download a template to be used as a supplement to the contract. From a technical standpoint, there is also a lot that can be done to protect data and networks. And we are also happy to support you personally.

Inform customers about data protection

Give your customers comprehensive information about the important topic of data protection and data security.

Use contracts to protect privacy

Intelligent building technology also involves sensitive personal data to which you, as the installer, have access. Address this issue with the customer.

Considering data security in cost calculation

Hardware and programming costs for data security within the network should be taken into account when calculating costs. 

Group network into VLAN segments

An important method for increasing security is to divide the data network into mutually protected zones.

Prevent unauthorised access

Ensure increased security and provide a secure method of external access for your customers.

You can find more information about the Gira S1 here.

Observe safety standards for wireless networks

Wireless networks (WLAN) can also be well protected. But significantly higher safety standards are essential.

Encrypted communication through KNX Secure

Install important security standards with the product itself by choosing KNX Secure capable devices.

Use secure passwords

The axiom holds just as true for a Smart Home as for any computer or smartphone: Strong passwords are a basic condition for security.

Update regularly

For security purposes, it is important that the technology is always up to date. The device and system software is regularly optimised by Gira.

Gira S1

KNX Secure

Smart, but secure: the KNX Secure Standard in the Smart Home.

The more connected and digitalised our daily life becomes, the greater the need to protect smart installations from tampering and attacks. This is why we recommend Gira KNX Secure. We have integrated the world’s first manufacturer- and application-independent security standard for smart buildings into many of our products for more data security in the Smart Home.

How KNX Secure works.

KNX Secure extends the KNX IP protocol so as to reliably safeguard transmitted data (KNX IP Secure). It also protects the classic KNX protocol using encryption and authentication. The security mechanisms take effect as soon as the KNX system is started up via the ETS. Subsequently, during operation, data communication is protected against unauthorised access, tampering and eavesdropping.

Highlights, facts and benefits

Gira Academy

  • High level of security in the KNX installation, for each individual system
  • .Protection from unauthorised access to the installed KNX Secure devices by third parties.
  • Protection from eavesdropping of data communication between KNX Secure devices.
  • Cross-manufacturer standard for interoperability with other KNX products.
  • Secure and non-secure communication can be combined on a single device.

Attend trainings and always be up to date

Systems and requirements change, existing standards are revised, new ones are created. On the subject of security, it is vital to be always up to date and to be aware of the latest developments. Regularly attend training seminars on the subject in order to keep well informed. The Gira seminars give you a good overview of the subject in a very condensed form.

Secure remote access to the Smart Home, including via VPN

With the Gira S1, users can connect easily and reliably to their KNX Smart Home or Gira Alarm Connect security system when they are on the move. Thanks to the new VPN connection, the Gira S1 now offers an additional way of securely accessing the customer’s system remotely. This allows you to control and maintain network devices easily and securely while on the move, including telephone systems, camera systems, networks and other systems.

Highlights, facts and benefits

  • Easy, fast and stress-free setup of VPN access to a home network.
  • An additional way of securely connecting to the customer’s system.
  • Also allows remote maintenance of telephone systems, camera systems, networks and more.
  • Users can access their home’s data independently while on the go.
  • Send push notifications to the Gira Smart Home App
  • Full KNX Secure support, including secure tunnelling connection between Gira HomeServer and Gira S1.
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