Gira door communication profile

Door communication profile 1400mm, colour aluminium
with colour camera
Door communication profile 1600mm, colour aluminium
with light element and automatic control switch

Gira door intercom systems integrated in the Gira energy profile

The Gira flush-mounted door station can also be integrated into the Gira energy profile. The Gira energy profiles have empty units that can be equipped with call buttons, door speakers, an info module or a colour camera. Other functions from the Gira TX_44 design line can also be used, for example an automatic control switch, which then automatically activates and deactivates the light element of the Gira energy profile when a movement is detected.


All the Gira energy profile options have IP 44 water protection and are available in the colours anthracite and aluminium. The requirements and areas of application for the energy profile with door station vary from user to user. Because of this, three different options are available to choose from:

1400 mm high energy profile with empty units for integrating four functions, e.g.: colour camera, door speaker and two, 1-gang call buttons

1600 mm high energy profile with light element and empty units for integrating three functions, e.g.: automatic control switch, door speaker and one, 1-gang call button (not to be used with the colour camera).

1600 mm high energy profile with empty units for integrating six functions, e.g.: Info module, colour camera, door speaker and three call buttons, 3 gang. All the Gira energy profile options have IP 44 water protection and are available in the colours anthracite and aluminium.

Light element

The light element is included in the 1600 mm high profile version. The element is suitable for light sources with an E27 screw base (not included in delivery) and consists of an aluminium reflector with acrylic glass plate and a rear light beam as an orientation aid. Of course, the light element has IP 44 water protection like the entire Gira door communication profile.

Slat element

An optionally available slat element enables the lighting to be changed, and to focus it more directly onto the path, for example. It can be simply substituted for the light element's standard diffusing plate, and then directs the light downwards using fixed slats or, if rotated by 180°, directs the light upwards. The slat element is available to match the Gira energy profile with light element in anthracite and aluminium.

Material and assembly

The housing and cover of the Gira energy profile are made of robust, weather-resistant aluminium with an easy-care surface. It is scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant and conforms to the GSB standard in anthracite. The profile base is made from galvanised steel due to the tough demands placed on it. And the device unit itself is impressively robust: shatter-proof, UV-stable and shock-resistant thermoplastic withstands weather effects, thereby ensuring a long service life. All the options are splash-protected in accordance with IP 44.

The profile should be mounted on a stone or concrete base with three heavy-duty wall anchors. The mounting materials and a TX_44 cover frame are included in the scope of supply.


1400 mm high energy profile
H 1400 x W 142 x D 75 mm
1600 mm high energy profile
H 1600 x W 142 x D 75 mm
H 10 x W 229 x D 155 mm


  • Design:
    Phoenix Design, Stuttgart
  • Design awards:
    - iF Product Design Award, iF Design Hanover, 2003
    – reddot award product design best of the best, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2003
    – Nominated for the German Design Award 2004.


Operating instructions

Energy profile with empty units

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 1353 .., 1354 .., 1356 ..

PDF, 71,7 KB



Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

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Gira door communication

Bestell-Nr 18123 90

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