Gira wireless diagnostic tool for the Dual Q smoke alarm device

Wireless checking

The Gira wireless diagnostic tool is an optional wireless module for the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device, which enables Gira Dual Q smoke alarm devices to be checked at ground or floor level or from outside the room. This simplifies work considerably because devices installed in flats can be conveniently checked from the staircase without the flats having to be entered.

This makes the tool particularly attractive to building owners and housing associations. Smoke alarm devices in high staircases can also be easily checked at ground or floor level. The data is transferred without removing the device. The Gira wireless diagnostic tool for the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device is characterised by a high degree of immunity to interference. False alarms cannot be triggered.
Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device

Functions and features

The wireless diagnostic tool consists of the wireless diagnostic USB box and the wireless diagnostic software. To record data, the wireless module is awakened from battery-saving sleep mode. The following can be read out: pollution severity, current smoke chamber value, battery condition information (good, average, bad or as voltage value), temperature (heat alarm), serial number, start-up time and last alarms. The data is received wirelessly via the wireless diagnostic USB box. Recording the data also serves as documentation for electricians.

Analysis and documentation

The data is analysed with the wireless diagnostic software, which can be used on site on a laptop for example. The software is intuitive to operate and not only analyses the data but also documents it. This enables long-term analysis, which is helpful when investigating disturbance factors for example.

Technical data

Transmission frequency:
433.42 MHz
100 m (free field)
Temperature range:
-5°C to +55°C
W 110 x H 94 x D 38 mm
System requirements:
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and installed Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
Mini CD compatible CD/DVD drive USB interface, supplying a 500 mA current
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