New generation Gira socket outlets

Enhanced for greater safety and improved installation.

The new Gira socket outlet generation is being launched with a series of fundamental new product design features. With improved protection and more convenience during installation, it packs an impressive punch. Gira socket outlets represent quality that is “Made in Germany”. They meet the highest safety standards and are certified by specific type.

  • The support ring is earthed in combination with the mounting claws and claw screws and is thereby integrated into this safety measure.
  • The low installation depth of 29 mm provides more space for cable material.
  • Quick to secure by turning each mounting claw 3.5 times.
  • Easy installation due to mirror-inverted keyhole profiles.
  • Shatter-proof thermoplastic base.
  • Backward compatibility allows old and new bases and covers to be combined (except for socket outlets with an earth pin).
  • Straightforward claw mounting using high-quality and precise screw head drive.
  • Expanding claws in the housing to prevent any damage to cable material.
  • Certified in accordance with VDE 0620-1, NBN C61-112, DS60884-2-D1, NEK 502, Dutch standard T.N.O.

Five types – one form.

The new Gira socket outlet generation features five different variants, all of which are based on a common basic design, for flush-mounted, surface-mounted, or duct installation. Installation always follows an identical scheme, so that familiar assembly procedures that have been learned can be used across all versions.

SCHUKO socket outlets with plug terminal

Socket outlet with earth pin (CEBEC) now with plug terminal

Socket outlets without protective contact and with plug terminal

Danish socket outlet with plug terminal