Gira electronic timer

Electronic timer,
Esprit, black glass/colour aluminium
Electronic timer,
E22, stainless steel

Controlling lights automatically

Lights that should be switched on or off at the same time every day can be controlled automatically using the electronic timer, for example, for lighting a shop window, entryway or garden.

What’s more, other devices can also be switched on and off with the electronic timer: on-time music to wake you up in the morning, UV lighting for plants or a fountain.

Special features, details

The electronic timer has two independent program memories for different types of home use. A total of up to 18 switching times can be programmed. A random generator can be activated, e.g. for holidays or absence. It then reschedules the specified times by ± 15 minutes in each case. An Astro function is also integrated in the device. It features individual Astro time shifting depending on the place of use (± 2 h) and a timer function to automatically switch off the lights after a preset time. Two auxiliary inputs also enable manual actuation and control. The power reserve is 24 hours. 

Switching capacity

  • 1000 W light bulbs
  • 1000 W HV halogen
  • 750 VA LV halogen for wound transformer with at least 85% rated load
  • 750 W LV halogen, Gira Tronic transformers
  • 500 VA fluorescent lamps, uncompensated
  • 400 VA fluorescent lamps, parallel compensated
  • 1000 VA fluorescent lamps, lead-lag circuit

Technical data

Rated voltage
AC 230 V, 50 Hz, N conductor required
Relay output
1 zero-voltage NO contact
Switching time interval
min. 1 minute
via screw terminals for max. 2.5 mm² or 2 x 1.5 mm²
Circuit breaker
max. 16 A



Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

PDF, 1,9 MB


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