Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling program

Due to the favourable energy balance, heat pumps are being used more often in residential construction. These devices are not only used for heating, however, but also for the cooling of buildings. The Gira room temperature controller with clock offers a special cooling program in addition to the previously integrated heating programs.

Switching between heating/cooling is carried out through an additional input, which analyses the heat pump’s 230-V signal.


Self-explanatory user guidance facilitates the operation of the Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling program. Four different temperature levels can be defined:

  • a comfort temperature for presence,
  • a reduced temperature for the night,
  • an anti-freeze temperature for times of extended absences,
  • a separate program for the cooling function.

The changeover to ‘heating’ or ‘cooling’ operating mode occurs automatically via a separate input. In addition, the device has self-teaching heating optimisation.

How it works

The room temperature can be controlled in various ways: via an internal and/or external temperature sensor as a room temperature controller, as a floor temperature controller or as a floor temperature limiter.

Further functions and options

The time program with up to 32 switching points allows the room temperature to be accurately controlled. The display can be toggled between 12 and 24 hours. The changeover from summer time to winter time and vice versa is controlled by a saved date. Various potential settings ensure optimal air conditioning in the building: 

  • the energy-saving function to manually activate of the night-time reduction until the next switching point,
  • party function for spontaneously extending the heating phase, e.g. in the evening: after the extension has expired, the set time programme is automatically reactivated,
  • holiday function for constant temperature reduction during a certain period: the start and end date of the absence is set here. Holiday programming is automatically deleted after the period entered has expired, so that this programming is not repeated every year.


Operating instructions

Room temperature controller Display, Room temperature controller BT

Operating instructions.

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Guides / system basics

Gira System 3000

System basics

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