Gira Keyless In Keypad

Keyless In keypad,
Gira TX_44, colour aluminium
Keyless In keypad,
Esprit, white glass/pure white glossy
Keyless In keypad,
Gira E2, pure white glossy
Keyless In keypad,
E2, anthracite

The Gira Keyless In products enable keyless access to rooms and buildings. The technology is based on an electronic system. The Gira Keypad can be installed as a standalone device with no other control components, or as part of the Gira door communications system. They can be installed into commercially available 58-mm flush-mounted boxes, and Gira Keyless In can be integrated in the Gira design lines both indoors and outdoors.

Opening the door with a numeric code

The Gira Keyless In Keypad opens the door when a personal number combination is entered. Even pressing the buttons without pressure is recognised as actuation and is acknowledged with an acoustic signal (which can also be switched off if desired). This capacitive technology enables wear-free operation and thus ensures greater security. The buttons are protected from wear and there is no visible fading. This makes it impossible to discern certain number combinations that have been entered frequently.

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Capacitive switching technology

Thanks to capacitive technology, the Gira Keyless In Keypad can be operated with a light touch of the finger – which makes entering the personal code especially convenient. When a finger comes to within 1 mm, it is detected as pressing the button. Releasing is detected at a distance of 3 mm (hysteresis behaviour). The switching hysteresis results in a precise switching feel. A fine acknowledgement tone provides feedback when the buttons are pressed.

Areas of application

Main applications are the opening of doors both indoors and outdoors for 1 to 6-family homes as well as in smaller, commercially used buildings. In addition, applications such as garage door control, turnstile control, barrier control as well as the control of motorised cylinder locks for front doors can all be realised.

Increased security

An acoustic warning tone or, in connection with the door communication system, a tampering circuit is triggered by the unauthorised removal of the keypad unit.

Management of codes

Up to 255 codes can be managed with the Keyless In Keypad. Codes are permitted to contain up to 32 characters.

LED display and acknowledgement buzzer

The characters of the keypad are evenly backlit with blue LEDs. A three-colour LED display signals the respective status when programming and during operation. In addition, an acknowledgement buzzer sounds. This buzzer can be switched off if desired.

System integration

Gira Keyless In enables keyless access to rooms and buildings. The technology is based on an electronic system. The keypad can be integrated as an individual device or into the Gira door communication system. The keypad can be installed in a standard device box and integrated in the outdoor and indoor design lines. It is available for the System 55 and TX_44 design lines. Using a 55 x 55 mm adapter plate, the Keyless In products can also be installed in the Gira F100 range.

Security card

A sealed security card is supplied with purchase of a Keyless In Keypad. If the Administrator PIN number is no longer available, the device can be reset using the Master PIN on the card.

Inputs and outputs

2 zero-voltage 2-way momentary contact relay e.g. for door opener control or light scene control in combination with the KNX environment. The zero-voltage 2-way momentary contact relays have a dielectric strength of 24 V AC/DC and a current carrying capacity of 1.6 A AC/DC. The contact retention time can be set from 3 seconds to 30 seconds via button configuration. The 2-way momentary contact relays are able to control inductive loads, such as standard door openers. Any access code whatsoever can be assigned to each of the two relays.

Technical data

Protection type
IP 20 (TX_44 = IP 44)
Temperature range
-20 °C to +70 °C
ESD strength
up to 16 kV
number: 2 Contact: 1 2-way momentary contact zero-voltage Load capacity: AC/DC 24 V / 1.6 A
Connection cable for door communication: 1xSteckerleiste Relay: 3 screw terminals each Additional power supply: 2x screw terminals
installation depth:
35 mm


Operating instructions


Operating instructions.

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Short instructions.

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Gira door communication

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Guides / system basics

Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

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