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S.Gudjonsson ehf
Smidjuvegur 3
200 Kopavogur

Phone: +354-520-4500

About S.Gudjonsson.

S.Gudjonsson is one of the leading import and distribution companies of electrical material in Iceland. The history of S.Gudjonsson dates back to 1958 and started the import of electrical materials, specially lighting equipment in 1967. Then in 1993 the partnership of S.Gudjonsson and Gira started and has been a very fruitful cooperation ever since, with Gira being one of the brand leaders in Iceland in switches and socket materials as well as KNX.

The company focuses on project driven solutions and has a wide range of customers including electricians, installers, architects, specifiers and designers.

S.Gudjonsson’s service offering.

S.Gudjonsson offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of customers. The company has employees which have many years of experience and know how. S.Gudjonsson focuses on giving their customers the best service possible every time.

The company offers:

  • High level of quality
  • Innovative solutions for indoor and outdoor
  • Expert advice and a high level of service
  • Local showroom
  • A wide range of Gira products in the areas of
    - Building technology
    - Design lines
    - Door communication
    - Switches and socket outlets