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Cytex 2000
Technology Limited
RM1406A, 14/F, BLK A,
Vigor Industrial Building
14-20 Cheung Tat Road
Tsing Yi
Hong Kong (SAR)

Phone: +852-2736-0600

About Cytex 2000 Technology.

As the official distributor of Gira products in Hong Kong and Macao since 2005, Cytex 2000 Technology Limited has been engaged in home automation and lighting systems for almost 17 years. With a team of skilled professional technicians, Cytex 2000 is committed to provide the highest service level.

Manufactured in Germany, Gira stands for quality and design. The design lines offer a wide range of materials in glass, aluminium, chrome brass, linoleum-plywood and stainless steel. The instabus KNX/EIB system is an intelligent control system that communicates not only lights, blinds, ventilation and heating, but is also scalable to implement communication with audio systems and door communication systems.

Cytex 2000 Technology‘s service offering.

Cytex 2000 team will give professional advice and share solid experience on designing a unique home automation system, door communication system or alarm system for home, apartment, offices and hotel.

The company offers:

  • A wide range of Gira products in the areas of
    - Building technology
    - Design lines
    - Door communication
    - Switches and socket outlets
    - Security
  • Know-how and many years of experience
  • Installation service
  • Programming service
  • Premium branded products