Duty room

Duty room terminal Plus

The duty room terminal Plus is the central control and operating unit for the duty room. Information from the various rooms is collated here. The lit 2 x 8-digit dot matrix display shows the care personnel who triggered the call/emergency call. Large buttons are used for presence marking of care personnel and doctors as well as for triggering calls and emergency calls. The intercom function is realised using the separately available intercom module Plus.

Gira Control 9 duty room terminal Plus

The Gira Control 9 duty room terminal Plus offers many additional functions which guarantee even greater convenience and efficiency in care communication with the Gira nurse call system Plus. It can be used, for example, to establish voice connections to individual beds or rooms, to conveniently accept calls, to activate collective announcements, to make interconnections, to clearly list calls sorted by priority, to read off fault messages, to collect a ward’s log data, and to display the presence of personnel in rooms. Frequently used functions are always directly accessible via two freely assignable speed dial buttons.

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