Installation and training

The legal requirements for installing a system within the Gira nurse call system are as follows: Any electrician can install small systems, because these systems do not necessarily have to comply with DIN VDE 0834. Systems that are subject to DIN VDE 0834 areas of application may only be installed by an electrician with a training certificate issued by the manufacturer. Gira offers a web-based training course on the Gira Academy website for certification or general training purposes. Those who successfully complete the web-based training course will receive a certificate as proof of training.

The Gira Academy training programmes

The Gira Academy ( is an online portal for convenient further training from home. Training courses for the Gira product lines are stored here, as well as training courses relating to network technology, the Gira alarm system and the Gira door communication system. The training course for the new Gira nurse call system is now online too.


Learning online on your personal computer offers many advantages, which more and more program participants are coming to appreciate. On the one hand, you can determine your learning phases yourself. You can decide for yourself when, how and where to study. Online students also receive swift feedback due to test questions being evaluated directly. And they are always completely up-to-date, because the learning content can be updated continuously and quickly. If you have a new project that’s just about to start, you can refresh your basic knowledge at any time during a repeat round. And last but not least, the budget plays a key role too: all the online training courses with Gira are free.

Examples of planning and installation

Planners, architects and electricians who would like to learn more about the Gira nurse call system can also request the 'System basics for the Gira nurse call system' planning tool free of charge. Contact details within Germany

Tel. 0 180 - 2 24 62 40, Fax 0 180 - 2 24 62 41,
Contact details within Austria: Tel. 0 800 - 29 36 62, Fax 0 800 - 29 36 57.

A PDF version is also saved in the Download area.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Gira nurse call system


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