Installation instructions for smoke alarm devices

Where smoke alarm devices should be positioned to guarantee minimum protection varies depending on the design of the house or apartment. In single-story apartments, the hallway that is used frequently in case of fire should be part of the minimum configuration. In multi-storey buildings, the hallways of each storey must be included. However, it is advisable to equip all rooms for optimum protection.

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Installation locations in an apartment

It is preferable to install smoke detectors in front of or inside bedrooms so that occupants are alerted in case of fire. Ideally, the smoke detector should be mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the room. A minimum distance to the wall of 50 cm must be observed. If all of the rooms are equipped, the water vapour in the kitchen and bathroom must be taken into account. To prevent false alarms due to cooking or showering, it is advisable to deactivate the measurement of scattered light for 15 minutes, especially in small rooms.

Installation locations in a house

In multi-storey buildings, at least one smoke detector per storey hallway is added to the basic equipment in flats. In larger houses, the smoke detectors can be networked to cover the entire living area. If a smoke detector triggers an alarm, it activates all the connected smoke detectors, which then also emit an alarm. In this way, occupants are also awakened in the bedrooms when the smoke detector in the cellar detects smoke or heat.

Special room geometries

In L-shaped rooms or hallways, the smoke detectors should be installed on the mitred lines. In large L-shaped rooms, each section must be regarded as a separate room.

Unsuitable installation locations

To prevent false alarms, a smoke detector should not be installed:

  • near fireplaces and open fires
  • directly on a metallic surface
  • less than 1 m away from air conditioning systems and ventilation shafts
  • less than 6 m away from heating air outlets
  • less than 50 cm away from fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps
  • in rooms with a ceiling height greater than 4.50 m
  • less than 50 cm away from the roof ridge
  • in rooms with temperatures below -5°C or above +55°C
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