Planning an electrical installation in a future-proof manner

With a well planned electrical installation, you can make optimum use of modern technology in the home and enjoy convenience with no compromises. During the planning process, you should ensure that the electrical installation covers not only your current needs, but also your future ones too. This is because one thing is certain: the world won't stop changing. New technical possibilities will continue to open up, and your personal desires will also continue to change. You can’t predict the future – but you can plan ahead. An intelligent electrical installation with Gira can be expanded and adapted to modified requirements at any time. On the following pages, you will find some notes regarding what you absolutely should consider for your electrical installation. Your qualified electrician will be happy to advise you – and compile the perfect package for you.

Be reachable by phone throughout the entire home

Up to three devices – such as the telephone, fax machine and answering machine – can be connected to the telephone socket outlet TAE at the same time. To ensure that you’re instantly reachable everywhere, you should plan several connections from the very beginning – one in the hallway, one in the living room and one in the home office, for example.

Connecting and networking telephones and PCs

The Universal/ISDN connection box UAE offers a multitude of potential applications. It is used for everything from telephone connections and telephone systems, to PC networking, for example.

Radio and television in every room

Whether it's via cable or satellite. With the antenna socket, radio and TV can be broadcast in every desired room.

Enough socket outlets in every room

From the coffee machine in the morning and the radio at noon, to the television in the evening: electrical appliances accompany us all day long at home – provided that they are supplied with electricity, of course. To ensure that you can always connect your appliances wherever you need them, you should have enough socket outlets installed in each room. As a rule of thumb, you will need one socket outlet for every appliance that is plugged in constantly and one for every three appliances that are required occasionally.

Charge mobile devices – without a power supply unit

With the Gira USB power supply, 2-gang, you can charge mobile devices right at the socket outlet without any need for an additional power supply unit. Thanks to a charging current of up to 1,400 mA, or two times 700 mA, even power-hungry devices can be charged.

Switching the light at the bed on and off

Gira wireless wall transmitter: In the dark, even familiar surroundings like a bedroom can seem foreign and pose tripping hazards. The solution is to control the light from the bed – using either a conventional rocker switch or a wireless wall transmitter.

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