Heating actuators for Gira One

The efficient way to control room temperature

The heating actuator, 6-gang with controller for Gira One is an economical and efficient way to control heating and cooling. The heating actuator features six self-contained room temperature controllers and six valve outputs. Up to four 230 V drives or up to two 24 V drives can be connected to one valve output. Drives are automatically prevented from sticking, as they are opened and closed by the heating actuator at regular intervals.

As the heating actuator is used for central control, only one button for Gira One is required for each heating and cooling circuit to send the current temperature of the respective heating and cooling circuit to the heating actuator. The room temperature is easy to control and change using the clearly structured functions in the Gira Smart Home App or Gira G1, which also allows time switch programs to be defined for each room according to requirements.


  • Six self-contained controllers for operating the heating and cooling enable efficient control.
  • Energy-efficient: different operating modes (comfort, standby, night and frost/heat protection) can be automatically activated and deactivated depending on the room use
  • Prevention of jammed valves by means of smart flushing
  • Device electronics powered by the bus voltage for energy efficiency.
  • Well-dimensioned terminal compartment with high-quality terminals for easy connection
  • Easy start-up, updates, and troubleshooting using Gira Project Assistant version 5.0 or higher.