Gira Event Clear

Clear visual depth, high-gloss surface, a wide variety of colours

Gira Event Clear draws out colours with a particular luminosity. This design line is characterised by its clarity and visual depth, and high-gloss surface – an effect created by transparent plastic on top of a coloured background.

This changes the way the light falls upon the colours, and they develop a unique intensity. Gira Event Clear is available in green, white, black, brown, aubergine and sand.


(in mm)

1-gang cover frame

H 90 x W 90 x D 11.35

2-gang cover frame

H 161.1 x W 90 x D 11.35

3-gang cover frame

H 232.6 x W 90 x D 11.35

4-gang cover frame

H 303.9 x W 90 x D 11.35

5-gang cover frame

H 375.2 x W 90 x D 11.35



Phoenix Design, Stuttgart

Design awards Event Clear

- iF product design award, iF Design Hanover, 2009
- red dot award: product design, Design Zentrum NRW2009
- Plus X Award, Design, 2009

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments



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