Gira Esprit metal

Clear forms, timeless elegance

The clear form of Gira Esprit is particularly accentuated in its three metal variants. The aluminium frames are timelessly elegant, and their matt ground and anodised surfaces have a discreet shimmer, which underlines their premium-quality look. The aluminium, black and brown colour variants are perfect for functional interior design

Gira Esprit aluminium light gold fits in perfectly with classic and luxurious ambiances. With their cool, unobtrusive and high-gloss appearance, the chrome frames match the chrome accents of sofas, armchairs or chairs perfectly. Stainless steel is the absolute classic material for modern construction. The quality of the material comes to life impressively in the brushed variant.

Stainless steel

For the first time, the classic material of modern construction is being used as part of the Gira Esprit range: stainless steel. The quality of the material used particularly comes into its own in the brushed variant. Developed slightly more than 100 years ago, stainless steel has since established itself in many areas. Its functional properties have contributed to its widespread use just as much as its clear metallic aesthetics. It is used to clad the façades of avant garde buildings, in high-quality kitchens and for household appliances, as well as for sophisticated switches.

Aluminium light gold

With its shimmering light gold colour, the new Gira Esprit aluminium light gold frame variant blends perfectly with classic-luxurious living ambiances. However, it is also an appealing eye-catcher when simply installed on a white wall. The subtle yet visible polished grain of the aluminium frame underlines its high-quality appearance.


In the 1920s, aluminium became the material of the modern age – and became a phenomenon in the world of architecture. With its timeless elegance and resistance, it has continued to shape the design of our surroundings – from everyday objects to classic furniture and skyscrapers. The matt ground and anodised aluminium frame of the Esprit design line is a good example of the timeless elegance of this material. The subtle yet visible polished grain of the frame ensures an individual, authentic look. Combined with anthracite coloured inserts, for example, they make a big impact on light grey walls or bare concrete.

Aluminium brown

Gira Esprit aluminium brown harmoniously blends clarity in form with colourful warmth. The classic brown colour tone is timelessly elegant, and the matt ground and anodised surface has a discreet shimmer, which underlines its premium-quality look. Anodising protects and adds colour to the aluminium by giving it an artificial oxide layer, while preserving the natural polished grain of the material. The result: a frame with a beautiful feel – which rounds off the overall impression each time that you touch it. The frame in this variant has a sleek, elegant appearance and suits rooms with a contemporary interior style.

Aluminium black

Modern colour concepts skilfully use dark colours to add mood or emphasis. The frame made of polished, anodised aluminium in black blends perfectly into these concepts. Anodising protects and adds colour to the aluminium by giving it an artificial oxide layer, while preserving the natural polished grain of the material. The feel of the surface lives up to its high-quality appearance. When combined with white inserts, for example, the result is an attractive interplay of ostensible modernity against a classical background.


The most influential architects of the modern and contemporary movements used the high-gloss appearance of chrome for finishing. Many pieces of furniture designed at that time have now become timeless modern classics. Sofas, armchairs and chairs with high-gloss chromed frames are still in vogue today. The Gira Esprit chrome frame offers the perfect complement on the wall. With its high-gloss surface, it blends coolly and unobtrusively into the room's décor.

Gira Esprit metal


1-gang frame

H 95 x W 95 x D 9.85 mm

2-gang frame

H 166 x W 95 x D 9.85 mm

3-gang frame

H 236.8 x W 95 x D 9.85 mm

4-gang frame

H 308 x W 95 x D 9.85 mm


Concept and design:

Gira Phoenix Design, Stuttgart
Gira Design Team, Radevormwald


red dot award 2001
Design Zentrum NRW

red dot award 2011
Design Zentrum NRW

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