The new generation of Gira switches

Impressive design down to the smallest detail.

The new generation of Gira switches has been completely revamped, with a wide range of improvements to make your everyday working life easier. These include a standardised rocker holder for rocker switches, pushbutton switches and rocker buttons. The entire product range has been optimised down to the smallest detail, completely replacing the previous range. Fewer products in total offer more combinable functions at the same time. The switches are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards.

  • More convenient installation
  • Optimised warehousing; fewer products, more flexibility and combination options
  • Full product range now also available for the Gira F100

Entire system updated:

01 System 55: Gira E2, pure white glossy
02 Gira F100 complete device, pure white glossy
03 Gira TX_44, pure white glossy
04 Surface-mounted dry, pure white glossy
05 Water-protected surface-mounted, grey

Simplified installation. Improved handling.

Noticeable differences in detail

The design aesthetic of the new generation of Gira switches has been given a premium makeover. Due to the floating mounting of the rocker holder and a flatter switching angle, there have been significant improvements to the operating feel and the gap around the entire circumference, as well as at the lower edge of the rocker and cover frame.

  • Uniform circumferential gap between rocker and cover frame.
  • A particularly flat switching angle creates a pleasant
    switching feel and an increased sense of quality.
  • Floating mounting of the rocker holder automatically
    centres the rocker in the cover frame in an optimal fashion.
  • Visually compatible with the Gira System 55.

Coherent appearance throughout the line

For an integrated, consistent design system, the lighting in the two-way and series switches has been standardised in the rocker design. The LEDs are available in a variety of colours: orange (standard), red and white.

The products in the new generation of Gira switches are available in all colour variants of the Gira System 55.

The right rocker for every requirement.

The range of switches offered by Gira is extensive, so you can find the right product for every function. Gira's new standardised system of symbols is used throughout the range. The following rockers are available in the Gira System 55:


Rocker with control window

Rocket with inscription space

Rocker with inscription space and control window

Rocker, 2-gang

Rocker, 2-gang with control window

Rocker, 2-gang with arrow symbol (blind)

Rocker, 2-gang with arrow symbol (blind)

Rocker with light symbol

Rocker with call button symbol and control window

Rocker with door symbol

Rocker with light symbol and inscription space

Rocker with large inscription space

Rocker with raised light symbol, program-neutral

Rocker with raised door symbol, program-neutral

Rocker with raised call button symbol, program-neutral

Rocker with imprint for heating emergency switch and control window

Cover for pull-cord switch with control window

Rocker switch 10 A for hotel room status display with mounting claws

Hotel-card switch, 1-gang, 1-pole with separate N terminal and mounting claws

Overview tool — The entire range at a glance.

The change in the product range means that our article numbers have also changed. With the overview tool, you can quickly and easily find the latest article numbers for all your familiar products. With just a few clicks, the overview tool transforms your old article number into the current version. 

Switch overview tool

Current switch generation

New switch generation

Colour variants System 55

Colour variants F100

Colour variants TX_44

Colour variants S-Color

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