Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module

Convenient and secure extension of the Gira System 106

The fingerprint module is a new functional addition to the modular Gira System 106, designed to address the need for greater security and convenience. The module fits seamlessly into the Gira System 106, both structurally and aesthetically, allowing for even greater customisation. It can also be operated as a stand-alone device. Easy operation and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide one of the most secure methods for keyless access to a building.

  • Convenient and secure extension of the modular Gira System 106
  • Secure access solution for up to 100 registered fingerprints
  • Professional biometric access control system
  • Integration into a Gira System 106 door station, operation as a stand-alone device or as part of a network with up to three additional Gira Keyless In devices
  • Easy configuration and management via Bluetooth using the Gira Keyless In app
  • Easy wizard-guided start-up
  • Numerous individual settings possible, such as individual authorisations or time restrictions
  • Can be retrofitted into existing Gira System 106 door stations

Reliable area scan technology

With the Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module, there is no need to waste time searching for keys. A brief touch from a registered fingerprint is all that is needed to open the door. The biometric access control system is based on new-generation area scan technology. A high-frequency scan evaluates the structures of the deepest layers of the skin, as well as unique characteristic features of the living human finger, such as body heat. The recognition process is so robust that it works even if the uppermost skin layers are slightly damaged, for example through gardening, or a little dirty. The process therefore guarantees a high detection rate and tamper resistance.

Easy start-up and user management with the Gira Keyless In app

The start-up and configuration of the Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module is wizard-guided and performed on a step-by-step basis via an easy-to-follow question system on the Gira Keyless In app. A total of up to 100 fingers can be registered and managed easily and clearly for one access authorisation.

Numerous individual settings are possible: up to ten people can be designated as administrators. To do this, they must be registered with two fingerprints – an admin finger and a programming finger. Simplified or time-limited access authorisations can be issued for temporary visitors, staff or cleaning personnel. Authorisations can be removed at any time and individual settings can be changed, even if the person or fingerprints in question are not present. The software can be updated meaning that it is future-proof and able to accommodate any subsequent functional extensions.

Even more options: The Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module can be connected to the Gira HomeServer via the DCS IP Gateway to create additional smart links within the building, for example to control lights, scenes, etc.

Download the Gira Keyless In app here