Gira KNX DALI gateway

Gira DRA DALI gateway

The Gira KNX DALI gateway is the interface between the KNX installation and the DALI lighting system. It enables switching and dimming of up to 64 DALI devices in a maximum of 32 groups via the KNX system.

The DALI light groups can be switched on and off or dimmed by means of manual actuation on the device parallel to the KNX, even without bus voltage or in the unprogrammed state.

Product properties

  • 16 light scenes 
  • DALI device state can be read out via KNX, e.g. brightness or light error 
  • Manual actuation of the DALI groups possible 
  • Positively-driven operation 
  • Feedback of switching condition and brightness level in both bus and manual operation
  • Central switching function 
  • Block function for each DALI group 
  • Separate switch-on and switch-off delay 
  • Stairway lighting switch with advance warning function 
  • DALI start-up with ETS plug-in 
  • Short-circuit protection - overvoltage protection 
  • Overload protection 
  • Individual DALI device can be replaced during operation without software
  • Mounting on top-hat rail in accordance with DIN EN 60715 

Application example

Technical data

DRA with 4 HP
KNX/EIN supply
Voltage: 21 to 32 V DC SELV Connection: Standard KNX/EIB bus connection terminal
External supply
110 to 240 V AC +10%/-15%, 50/60 Hz
voltage: type 16 V DC with overvoltage protection; Current: type 128 mA, max. 200 mA for a brief period, designed for max. 64
DALI devices
2 mA each, with short-circuit and overload protection
Transmission rate
1200 bit/s
Cable type
Specified by FELV, preferably 2 free wires of an NYM installation line
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