Gira surface-mounted gong

Reports visitors even in the most remote rooms.

In remote rooms, on other floors, or in the garden, where the doorbell is no longer audible, the Gira surface-mounted gong lets you know when you have visitors. It is connected to the Gira home or door station and simply forwards the signal.

Different ringtones indicate which source emitted the ringtone, and whether it is an internal call or a call from the front door or one of the floors.

Functions and features

The Gira surface-mounted gong can be switched in parallel with up to three surface-mounted gongs or home stations. The user can select from five different ringtone melodies. In addition, the ringtone can be switched on and off and the volume of the ringtone can be individually adjusted. Like the surface-mounted home station, the surface-mounted gong is completely pre-assembled and can be installed quickly with no fuss.

Installation with or without frame (simply leave the frame out)

  1. Strip the supply cable flush with the wall.
  2. Mark the drilling holes. Select the installation spot so that the mounting plate is centred over the cable outlet.
  3. Drill the two mounting holes and insert the wall plugs.
  4. Attach the mounting/base plate with the cover frame to the wall with two screws.
  5. After installing the mounting/base plate, the home station is connected:
    the 2-wire bus to the bus terminals, any additional power supply used to the additional supply (AS) terminals (one additional power supply per device is required for more than three surface-mounted home stations video called in parallel), the lines of the floor-call button to the floor call button (FC) terminals.
  6. Close the home station: to do so, place the upper housing section on the mounting plate and engage it.

Mounting on a flush-mounted device box

  1. Strip the supply cable.
  2. Place the mounting plate and cover frame onto the flush-mounted device box.
  3. Secure the mounting plate to the support ring of the flush-mounted device box with two screws.

Technical data

Power supply

26 V DC ± 2 V (bus voltage)


2 screw terminals 2-wire bus
2 screw terminals for floor-call button


W 55 x H 127 x D 20 mm

Temperature range

-5ºC to +50ºC

Gira door communication system

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