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Gira One Server Firmware-Update


Order No. 2039 00

ZIP, 51.179 Kb

Version: 1.0.1265

Date: 12.06.2023



Language variants

Errors corrected

  • Gira One: Translation errors in the Dutch language variant corrected.
  • Gira One in connection with the Gira Smart Home App: The action texts on the visualisation functions (e.g. “Switch on”, “Switch off”) are always displayed in German for GPA 5.0 projects.

Known errors

Gira One server

  • Gira One server: on the device website, it is not possible to log in using "Insert password" or "Ctrl+V".
    After the password has been reset in the Gira Smart Home App, it is not possible to log in to the device website using "Insert" or "Ctrl+V”.
  • In rare cases, the Gira One Server is not found during start-up. If "Search for Devices” is started in the GPA area "Devices in Network", the
    Gira One server will be found and start-up can continue.

Gira Smart Home App

  • If remote access is activated for a number of users one after the other, this may result in an incorrect display.
    After remote access is activated, the "Manage remote access" overview may incorrectly indicate that remote access has been deactivated again for some of the remote accesses that were previously activated. The status is displayed correctly again after a period of time.
  • Display of temperature values in heating device and decimal status display. There is a difference of approx. 0.2K between the same temperature value in the heating device and decimal status display.

Gira QR Scan App

  • The camera image does not always match the cut-out in the display on various iPhone products
    On iPhone 12 (iOS 16.1.2), iPhone 13 (iOS 16.3), and iPhone 14 (iOS 16.1.2), the cut-out in the display is not shown correctly and this can result in issues with the scanning process.