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USB data interface, USB data interface insert


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Version: 0.0.13

Date: 17.04.2020


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This update is required if your Gira HomeServer (0529 00) or Gira FacilityServer (2075 00) cannot communicate with the system via the USB data interface.

Update of KNX USB data interface and KNX USB data interface insert



The KNX USB data interface and KNX USB data interface insert must be connected to the PC via the USB port and be installed as an active interface in the ETS5. A connection to the KNX cable is not required.

Step 1:

Make sure that the KNX USB data interface is the current programming interface in the ETS5 communication settings.

The physical address of the KNX USB data interface must be noted for the following update procedure (e.g. 1.1.250).

Step 2:

Open an ETS5 project and add the KNX USB data interface with the update application as a device.


It is important that the USB data interface in the ETS5 project has the same physical address as the ETS5 programming interface being used. (Here, for example, 1.1.250 / see Step 1)

Step 3:

Run the “Program application program” command in the ETS5. The ETS5 detects that it is the local bus interface from the physical address of the device which is to be programmed.

Select “Program locally” in the displayed message window.

Step 4:

The ETS5 runs the update. The programming procedure lasts about 40 seconds.

Step 5:

The KNX USB data interface restarts after the programming procedure has successfully completed. This causes the USB connection in the operating system to go off-line for a short time (Windows indicates this with a message). After a few seconds the data interface is operational again and can be used in the ETS5 as normal.

The current connection to the ETS5 is lost by the data interface restarting. For the interface to be used as a bus interface again, it must be selected (if necessary again) as the current connection in the ETS5 communication settings.