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Gira Projekt Assistent (GPA)


ZIP, 1.123.992 Kb


Date: 25.04.2024



Language variants

System requirements

  • Windows 10/11 with x86/x64 architectures (Intel/AMD)
  • Free hard disk space: at least 16 GB
  • RAM: at least 4 GB

Supported-device firmware versions

With the GPA v5.1, the following device firmware versions can be configured and put into operation:

  • Gira One server v1.1.400
  • Gira X1 v2.8.869
  • Gira L1 v2.5.149
  • Gira G1 v3.5.62
  • Gira DCS-IP data interface v1.1.41
  • Gira Alarm Connect security system v2.0.246
  • Gira S1 v6.1.58 for device version I00 and I01
  • Gira S1 v6.1.105 for device version I02 and higher

Please make sure that you always use the device firmware versions in the project that match the GPA version.

What’s new in GPA v5.1

  • General: The GPA now has an Italian language option.
  • Gira One: The pushbutton sensors “Gira pushbutton sensor 4” and “Gira pushbutton sensor 4 Komfort for System 55” can be used in Gira One projects.
  • Gira One/Gira X1: Improving the input of user passwords, including optional password reminder.
  • Gira X1: Support for the import of GPLA projects which include a Gira X1. The GPA automatically generates a Gira X1 project, consisting of building structure, data points and visualisation functions.
  • Gira Alarm Connect: The Gira Alarm Connect security system is no longer available to order. The “Security system” project type can now only be selected as part of a “Gira X1/Gira L1” project type under project settings. Old projects
    are still supported in GPA Version 5.

Errors corrected in GPA v5.1

  • Gira One: In GPA Version 5.0, notes entered with more than 280 characters were sometimes not saved. The 280-character limit has been removed.
  • Gira One/Gira X1: In older versions of the GPA, the order of favourites already created would sometimes change when the Gira One/Gira X1 project was transferred onto the server.
  • All products: In GPA versions GPA 5.0 and 5.0.1, executing the start-up process caused the PC memory used not to be released after start-up.

Known errors in GPA v5.1

  • Gira One: If you use a PC with several monitors to configure Gira One in the GPA and display the GPA on the second monitor, the explainer videos are shown with a delay.
  • Gira One and Gira X1: The “Scan with Smartphone” dialogue may not display any content in some rare cases. Please check whether there is a newer version of the graphic driver for your PC/notebook available and use this version.
    There are currently known problems with the following drivers: Intel UHD Graphics prior version with a 12th Gen Intel Core processor.
  • Device websites: When the Firefox browser is used, the login password cannot be entered on the device website using Ctrl+V. Enter the password via the keyboard or use an alternative browser, e.g. Chrome.
  • Gira One: If you use scene pre-selection in a Gira One project, the automatically generated texts for the scene variant are displayed in German in the Gira Smart Home App, regardless of which GPA language was set when the project was initially created. You can adjust these texts manually in the Gira Smart Home App.


  • Gira X1 – OpenVPN and DHCP

    The OpenVPN function in the Gira X1 works only in conjunction with DHCP. There must be a DHCP server in the network and the Gira X1 network must be initialised via DHCP and not by means of static IP configuration. This is
    necessary in order for the OpenVPN server to be able to assign an IP address to connecting Clients.
    Should you wish to always use the Gira X1 with a fixed IP address, you can usually configure the DHCP server (usually part of the Internet router) in such a way that it always assigns the same IP address to the Gira X1.

  • Gira X1/L1: Saving retentive data:

    Retentive data are saved by the logic module every 15 minutes. Data may be lost within this time period in the event of a power failure.

  • Gira X1/L1: Assignment of physical address requires  application download.

    The Gira X1/L1 offers several physical addresses. When programming the physical address in the ETS, only the device address is transferred. The additional addresses are adopted only after downloading the application program.

  • Gira X1/L1: One-time delay during first event:

    After downloading the project, the Gira X1/L1 responds to the first event with a delay of approx. 1 second.

  • Variable data points in the simulation:

    Values which are written as a variable data point in the simulation mode are not passed on. This only affects the simulation. The variable data points function as normal on the logic module.

  • Firmware file cannot be added:

    If this error appears when adding a firmware file stating that the firmware file is not valid, there may be several reasons for this, which are resolved as follows: