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Gira Expert


Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 512.459 Kb

Version: 4.12.0

Date: 30.08.2023



Language variants

Experte Version 4.12.0

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Free hard drive space: at least 1 GB
  • RAM: at least 2 GB
  • Software platform: at least Microsoft .NET 4.5

Supported devices

The Expert Software 4.12.0 is to be used in conjunction with the following end devices:

  • Gira HomeServer 4
  • Gira FacilityServer 4

Newness and improvement


  • Experte with a new look
  • The open visualization is now based on HTML5.
  • The logic nodes library has been extended with a Modbus logic node.
  • Another logic node enables the integration of the Gira G1.
  • The Logic Online Test has been expanded to record the startup sequence.
  • Central addresses can now be linked via drag and drop.
  • The switching between internal objects and KNX objects in communication objects has been improved.
  • Validation of outgoing TLS/HTTPS connections is now possible by adding trusted root certificates in HS/FS.
  • In the graphical logic editor, the worksheet can be deactivated.
  • Deactivated worksheets can be removed from the transfer to the HS in the graphical logic editor.
  • New combined DPTs (RGBW and TBW) for Gira actuators have been added.
  • The new Gira switch/blind actuator displays upper and lower end positions.
  • Linux components and security patches have been updated to Debian 11.
  • Support for TLS v1.3 (HTTPS server) has been added.
  • When duplicating an internal communication object, the URL endpoint ID is no longer included.
  • The menu item "Window Arrangement" has been moved from "Extras" to "Windows".
  • The message "Check the changelog" now also appears when creating new projects.
  • The sample project has been revised.


  • The floor plan visualization template can now be used as part of the background visualization.
  • The timers (QC and Experte) have an additional option to send the current switching state on the bus when the timer is activated.
  • The variety of icons in functions and function names has been increased.
  • Icons in front of functions in the room can now be activated or deactivated.
  • Camera Plugin 2.0 supports full-screen display.
  • Audio files can now be played on Windows 10 operating systems and third-party devices.
  • The preview images in the plugin selection have been updated.
  • When creating a new project, a QC admin with "System Administrator Rights" is automatically added.
  • When creating a new project, a menu item for the call list of the building structure is automatically added.
  • Plugins can be directly accessed from the main menu with reference to the sub-tab.
  • The display of counters, LED indicators, etc. is now also possible in the folder tile in the main menu.
  • In "QuadClient Starter," the path of the profiles can be freely determined.


  • The ONVIF logic node has been removed from the standard delivery scope as the underlying libraries have been deprecated.
  • For the HomeServer update to version 4.12, clients must be updated to at least version 4.12.
  • The system has been tested and awarded the VDE security certificate.

Bug fixing


  • The RS flip-flop logic node does not operate as described in the documentation.
  • Graphical errors in function templates have been resolved.
  • During project validation in HS Experte, the error message "Transmission not possible due to system error.
  • The index of the list exceeds the maximum (-1)" appears.
  • The sun position logic node (9043) does not correctly evaluate negative values.
  • After updating from version 4.9 to 4.11, errors occurred in archive display.
  • The NTP server was incomplete. There was an error during project validation.
  • There was an error in the help description for presence simulation.
  • Importing function templates led to an error message.
  • In the help documentation for HS, there was a faulty link in Chapter 1.3.
  • The "Max." logic node does not override the current value when the case "/ 0" is output.
  • In HS Experte, the text edit logic node does not correctly interpret decimal ASCII values on input 2.
  • After a while, the HS always sends the same image by email.
  • Symbols in the free visualization change when inserted into another design.
  • When DHCP is enabled, the DNS server is not automatically selected.
  • After project validation, the error message "kfapperror: Project could not be saved" appears.
  • When creating diagrams and inserting archive data, the error message "Could not find archive column" appeared.
  • When importing communication objects, the error message "Could not translate internal CO into external" appeared.
  • The Maximum Value Comparator logic node had faulty input values (all inputs were 0).
  • In recipient groups for email addresses, "oe" was used instead of "ö."


  • 1-118 push-button plus – Not all possible symbols are offered.
  • Incorrect representation of the KNX smoke detector function template 5-13.
  • The status display function template ID 5-55 Version 2.2 from the Gira App Shop displays the wrong version in Experte.
  • Function template Switching with Locking Function ID 1-104
  • The lock state (ON/OFF) is not displayed in the switching overview.
  • The diagram plugin lacks a default color, causing lines to be mostly drawn in black or white by apps.
  • Music control function template 5-91 - Translation error in English.
  • The Basic Plan Editor plugin can be started multiple times.
  • In the push-button plus function template 1-118, with active PIN protection, no padlock symbol is displayed.
  • List Plus function template ID 5-87 - Faulty display in the iOS app.
  • The Meldeanlage plugin from the Gira App Shop does not support a white design.
  • Calling a specific tab through the menu item does not work.
  • Duplicating a function template changes the group address of the original when adjustments are made to the duplicate.
  • The floor plan editor does not display the complete building structure.
  • When using a background image in the room in QuadConfig, it is only partially displayed in the light design.
  • In the camera plugin, a timeout occurs after the power-saving mode.
  • The QC (QuadConfig) cannot be closed. The status symbol "Fireplace On/Off" is identical.
  • In the music control function template 5-91 and the Universal Player plugin 1-25, the display of the play/pause buttons is opposite.
  • In Camera Plugin 2.0, a still image is displayed after a certain period of time.
  • The font is incorrect when the trades view is first opened.
  • The representation of the symbol pool is faulty.
  • In the heating setpoint adjustment function template, the temperature drops to the minimum when the slider is tapped.
  • The Fan Coil function template 5-0 crashes when "Circulation Off" is pressed.
  • The socket symbol in the function template "1-101" is faulty.
  • In the function template "1-125 Value Input Plus," negative numbers can be entered.
  • The slider in the heating template "1-122" does not work correctly.

iOS App

  • The app displays the remote access activation mode.
  • Camera Plugin 2.0 - Camera image is delayed and doesn't refresh.
  • Mobotix camera is not appearing in the plugin.
  • Merging profiles no longer functions.
  • No functionality through LAN connection.
  • No camera image in the plugin with Basic Authentication.
  • Parser Error after minor project changes in QC.
  • Timing issue when calling up the profile, interruption during retrieval on WLAN or via S1.
  • No direct display when a camera is added in the plugin.
  • Loadgroups Error has been resolved.
  • Push notifications stop working after X days.
  • Functional templates from Gira App Shop - missing symbols.
  • When calling up a plugin in a submenu, the back button becomes grayed out.
  • No connection possible through port forwarding, faulty behavior at the Maldives location.

Android App/Gira G1

  • In the menu item "Status display as counter," when it's configured as green, it is displayed as gray.
  • When using the "Value Display / Weather Station" plugin and selecting the "TEXT" format, Android devices display "TEXT0" instead of the sent text.
  • Android users see areas for which they don't have permission.
  • The speed of camera images has been improved.
  • The reconnect popup remains in the foreground.
  • Samsung devices show a red background.
  • The client displays an incorrect time format.
  • Status symbols do not switch, for example, the door always stays on "unlocked" in the app.
  • In the 1-128 Tunable White Template, saving the new color value does not work in memory.
  • An error message "LPNS Error Push Message" occurs when there is no internet available.
  • In Camera Plugin 2.0, the camera image is repeatedly displayed as a still image.
  • The buttons within the Camera Plugin 2.0 do not work when the set value command is executed.
  • When calling up trades, there is sluggish behavior.
  • The representation of the symbol pool is faulty.
  • In the functional template "Heating Setpoint Adjustment," the temperature resets to the minimum when tapping the slider.
  • The functional template "Fan Coil 5-0" crashes when "Circulation Off" is pressed.
  • The socket symbol in the functional template "1-101" is faulty.
  • In the functional template "1-125 Value Input Plus," negative numbers can be entered.
  • The slider in the functional template "Heating 1-122" does not function correctly.


  • No devices are found in the Alexa integration.
  • The logic node "Door analysis 5fach" responds to all fingers.

Known errors

  • Logic node "Dornbracht SmartWater" help text cannot be opened in the graphical logic editor.
  • Logic node "Status Forwarding Evaluation" is not taken into account.
  • Quad Config: When creating a function template directly in the trade, it is not possible to activate the timer directly via QC on the PC or via CO.
  • Quad Config: Operation by keyboard instead of mouse leads to QC Config crash.
  • Quad Client QC: Missing symbols or controls, red squares e.g. with project changes or extensions in App Shop templates.
  • Quad Client QC: Multilingualism is activated and menu or function labels are changed without effect.
  • Quad Client: Function template 1-125 Value Input Plus & communication object with 32-bit data type experiences an error.
  • Android App: Missing symbols or controls, red squares with project changes or extensions in App Shop templates.
  • Android App: Camera 2.0 Plugin - No image display in single view - Additional sub-element must be used for an image to be displayed.
  • iOS App: Incorrect representation of time information.