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Gira X1 firmware update


Order No. 2096 00

ZIP, 54.310 Kb

Version: 2.8.858

Date: 25.05.2023



Language variants

New functions

  • The TLS encryption for web queries from the X1 logic has been updated to TLS 1.2.
  • The SD card functionality has been enabled for X1 logic module developers to store data from the logic modules onto the card.
  • Support for tenant switching is now available. This feature is accessible through the Gira IoT REST API. The interface allows for project restoration from the project safe. Additionally, a new user and a new password can be set through the interface. The interface also provides the ability to reset the installed Gira G1 devices in a building to their default settings for ringtone, ring volume, speech volume, etc.
  • The device password of the Gira X1 server can be changed using the Gira Smart Home App with administrator privileges.

General improvements

  • Philips Hue: The discovery method has been switched to mDNS.

Errors rectified

  • Sonos: Fixed player disconnection.
  • During project transfer, some users encountered the error message "Error Function Scene: Failed to add Scene datapoints."
  • Correction of the "delete application data" checkbox functionality - This feature has been removed from the GPA. To reset, for example, counter logic nodes, a new function called "Restart Logic Engine" has been added to the device web page.
  • The timer now turns off the output value and repeats periodically.
  • The timers no longer have a 12-hour time delay.

Known errors

  • Philips Hue - Entertainment area can be added.
  • Activating function timers in the GPA will not work if a function timer is deactivated with the app and then reactivated in the GPA.