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Gira Expert


Order No. 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 244.188 Kb

Version: 4.2

Date: 04.08.2014


Expert Version 4.2

The Expert software 4.2 must be used in conjunction with the following end devices:

  • HomeServer 4
  • FacilityServer 4
  • HomeServer 3
  • FacilityServer 3
  • HomeServer 2
  • Iso for HS2.NET eliminated. This generation of devices cannot be supported any longer.


QuadClient / QuadConfig

  • Function template: Navigation
    The Navigation function template enables quick and simple navigation through the QuadClient, adapted to customer needs. Building parts and plug-ins can be directly called up. Information: see note
  • Function template: Color Picker
    The Color Picker function template now also enables easy colour control. Both RGB and RGBW control of lighting is possible. Information: see note
  • Global library
    The global library is used to export QuadConfig elements from a project and to use these again identically in another project. In this way, entire building structures or quadrant configurations can be quickly copied across projects for example.
  • Recursive deletion
    Recursive deleting now enables a function with all of its references to be deleted in one step. For this purpose, the desired function in the "Functions" category must be deleted.
  • Tree view – CO: Condition preservation
    The tree graph showing the COs (communication objects) remains in the previously used display form.



The Navigation und Push Notification applications are only functional with the HomeServ- er/FacilityServer app version 4.2 on mobile end devices. This version is currently still in develop- ment and will be released in the near future. The Color Picker application will be released in one of the following application versions (status: 16 July 2014).


Experten-Software 4.2

  • Push notification
    Push notification is a new alerting method, enabling messages to be sent to mobile end devices. To receive push messages from the HomeServer/FacilityServer on the mobile end device, the HomeServer/FacilityServer app from version 4.2 must be installed on it.