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Gira X1 firmware update


Order No. 2096 00

ZIP, 49.328 Kb

Version: 2.7.585

Date: 28.09.2021


New functions

  • Scenes can be created and managed in the Gira Smart Home app. New consumers can be added and their values set. Furthermore, scene variants can be created that are lined up in an intuitive template. It is also possible to link
    the app scenes to a KNX button from the GPA.
  • Each scene created in the Smart Home App can be assigned to a Muse Block from Senic. The Muse Block lets you trigger the scene very conveniently. All you need to do is to hold the mobile device up to the Muse Block. As well as the Muse Blocks, conventional NFC tags can also be used.
  • Philips Hue lights can be added in the Gira Smart Home app. Just like a KNX function, they can also be added to app scenes, as well as controlled with a KNX button. Up to 30 lights from 5 Hue bridges can be connected to a Gira X1 server.
  • Function timers can now be completely displayed in an overview in the Smart Home app. Users with admin rights can define a timer that only administrators are permitted to manage. Users with resident rights can only view the content of these timers.
  • The “heating and cooling” template can now optionally be displayed with the ACTUAL or setpoint temperature in the app. This can also be selected in the Gira Smart Home app. In projects from previous versions, the template must be reinserted in the GPA in order to use this function.
  • Outdoor and indoor temperatures can be displayed in the header of the Smart Home app. The respective temperatures are selected in the app.
  • Various parameters of functions can now be adjusted in the Smart Home app. These include e.g. colour selection of the ring, status texts, text for the next action etc.
  • The input of geocoordinates in the GPA can now also be transferred more easily in the Gira Smart Home app with one click. This information is important for the Astro function, for example.
  • Functions can now also be assigned to other trades in the Gira Smart Home app.
  • IoT switches can be created in the Gira Smart Home app in order to connect them to the IFTTT portal, for example, without having to create this function in the GPA beforehand.
  • Cameras with Digest authentication are supported.
  • Audio functions can now be assigned to timers.

General improvements

  • Support for Sonos S1 and S2 (new version) systems and improvement of connection stability.
  • In the Gira Smart Home app, functions can be excluded in the scenes that are also to be disregarded when these scenes are taught in again.

Errors rectified

  • No correcting variable changes after long 0% runtimes.
  • If the password is entered incorrectly, the Gira Smart Home app indicates that there is no network connection.
  • “Lock” logic node has incorrect behaviour with parameter “Send on (de)activation”.
  • Gira X1 - loses fixed IP address after power reset.
  • Gira G1 - X1 Client - door communication tiles are displayed several times after start-up.
  • Gira G1 / timer for “Mute” device data point is not executed.
  • Timer for “Mute” device data point generates error during start-up.
  • GPA - Gira X1 switching time is executed with a large time delay.
  • Gira X1 Smart Home app Windows Client - Astro function not given within the timer.
  • Gira X1 - Sun position logic node: Winter and summer solstice: incorrect values of the node are transmitted.
  • Gira X1 - Forced control window contact, 4-bit data point type transmitted via the Gira X1 is interpreted incorrectly in the ETS.
  • Gira X1- Client - Smart Home app Windows Client - G1 as X1 Client - Heating and cooling function template at start: setpoint temperature always 10°C.
  • Gira X1 - Sonos - With shuffle playback, the playback of the titles of several playlists is mixed.
  • Gira X1 - User administration - Access data with administrator rights are not displayed.
  • Gira X1 - Open VPN access - Data not available on diagnostic page.
  • Gira X1 - With older FW version, no access via current Windows Client and Smart Home app.
  • Gira X1 - Crash with particular timer parametrisation.
  • Gira G1 - As X1 Client with weather forecast, the weather forecast is not updated if it was called up on the previous day and remains active as the last action.
  • Wrong name of users is displayed in app.
  • Gira X1 - Does not start up correctly after a power failure, or external access is not possible when the network is not available.
  • Gira X1 - Smart Home app - Connection via DynDNS not possible (device portal).
  • Gira X1 - “Landscape format on tablets” function always switches back to portrait format.
  • GPA - After node update, the node lock no longer works correctly.

Known errors

  • Philips Hue - Dimming brightness & colour temperature with DPT 250.600 is not stopped.
  • Philips Hue - Entertainment area can be added.
  • IoT Switch - (On/Off) function parameters do not change if function type is changed.
  • Activating function timers in the GPA will not work if a function timer is deactivated with the app and then reactivated in the GPA.
  • Trade icons are not displayed correctly in the GPA after changing them in the
    Smart Home app and a subsequent project merge.