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Gira X1 firmware update


Order No. 2096 00

ZIP, 53.496 Kb

Version: 2.1.81

Date: 28.06.2018


New functions

  • Occupancy simulation
  • Landscape format on tablets
  • Room divider controller module converted from 1-bit input to variable.
  • The dimming function can now also be processed, for example.
  • Persistent storage of data points
  • Open URL function to open websites via a simple browser
  • Internal communication between multiple devices, e.g. to exchange values between Gira L1 and Gira X1 via Ethernet

General improvements

  • The "Read at device start" parameter has been added to the "Input" logic module to handle the read operation for a data point separately in the logic.
  • KNX data point types have been translated into English.

Errors fixed

  • Audio control adjusts volume to 0%.
  • Devices respond to read requests via listening group addresses not with the sending group address.
  • Properties in the data points and functions area appear with different sequences.
  • Incorrect evaluation of the data point type scene DPT 18.001 in the logic.
  • Gira X1 is displayed as offline in the Gira device portal even though it is online.
  • Restricted RGBW function when using the iPhone X (cropped display).
  • Logic modules controller does not work with variable data points.
  • Disconnection of the VPN connection.
  • Position of sun logic module (1.2.57)
    Execution of the logic module even if other inputs are set as the trigger.
  • Staircase lighting logic module (1.2.60)
    The error, which caused the logic module to crash if the warning signal was activated but no warming period was defined, has been fixed.
  • PID controller logic module (1.2.61)
    The calculation of the differential factor was not inverted correctly, which led to the result being amplified instead of dampened.
  • PI controller, PID controller, heating/cooling controller logic modules (1.2.63)
    Controllers output values more than once if new values are received at the input at the same time as the end of the timeout.

Known errors

  • When switching from portrait to landscape format, part of the text from the previous page is displayed.
  • Signed value transmitters do not take the limits of the assigned data type into account.
  • The data points of the timers cannot be read using the data point monitor of the GPA.
  • Occupancy simulation - a power interruption ends recording.
  • Designations that are too long are not shortened correctly in the app.
  • Save project copy on device function may fail with large projects.

To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 2.6 is required. It is recommended to always use the latest available GPA version. Please follow the instructions in the enclosed documentation.