Gira HomeServer. Smart functions for the most exacting demands.

What requirements is the KNX system with Gira HomeServer suitable for?

Smart Home customisation: the Gira HomeServer is a byword for maximum individuality and flexibility in KNX. It offers a comprehensive range of functions to meet personal requirements. In addition to controlling lighting, blinds and room temperature, so many other technologies can be seamlessly integrated into the building control system: the door communication system, security system, cameras and audio systems, as well as systems from other manufacturers for sanitary, kitchen and entertainment applications. You can even implement sophisticated high-end solutions in larger residential properties with multiple parties thanks to the Gira HomeServer.

  • Central control of building technology for sophisticated new-builds, villas, apartment buildings and smaller commercial properties
  • Smart Home experience with a high level of comfort, security and energy efficiency
  • Individual floor plan visualisation and free visualisation
  • Display with light/dark design (day/night toggling)
  • Can be updated, making it future-proof
  • Secure protection against unauthorised access and tampering from KNX Secure, VDE-certified

How is the KNX Smart Home with the Gira HomeServer operated?

Even complex scenarios can be operated easily via the Gira G1 with multi-touch interface, pushbutton sensors and buttons, PC, tablet or smartphone, and via voice control. The user interface of the Gira HomeServer has a uniform appearance wherever it is used. The clear menu navigation enables intuitive operation. This means that every function can be reached within just two levels. Icons and counters show the status of certain functions, for example how many lights are currently active in a room. Additional detailed information or operating elements can be called up directly via a pop-up window. Indirect control is also possible. This allows a previously configured scene to be triggered using the fingerprint module of the Gira System 106 door communication system. For example, automatically switching on dimmed lights and playing your favourite music in the living room upon entering the house.

What other benefits does a KNX system with Gira HomeServer offer?

Various functions can be displayed filtered and for groups of rooms, e.g. the list of all currently open windows on leaving the house. The building technology reacts independently if weather events occur: windows close when it starts to rain and blinds are retracted when the sun shines to allow the room to heat up naturally. In addition, the Gira HomeServer continuously documents all operating and consumption data. This makes it easy to analyse long-term developments and quickly identify potential savings. The KNX system with the Gira HomeServer can also be expanded wirelessly using Gira KNX RF devices.

What prior knowledge is required for start-up?

The Gira HomeServer is extensively programmed in the ETS and with the HomeServer Expert software according to the individual requirements of your customers. In addition to the function and scene settings, you also have a choice of user interfaces with floor plan visualisations. For error-free start-up, scenarios previously planned in the graphical logic editor can be analysed and tested online.

Function overview:


  • Privacy protection
  • Storm protection
  • Group control
  • Control via timer


  • Optimal light for every situation
  • More comfort with smart lighting from Philips Hue
  • Control light automatically
  • Control via timer

Temperature control

  • Air conditioning as required
  • Automatic switching to frost protection
  • Remote access via the Gira Smart Home App
  • Control via timer


  • Access the video stream while on holiday
  • “Turn everything off” at the touch of a button
  • Presence simulation
  • Call up a panic scene

Door communication

  • Control both door communication and Gira One with the Gira G1
  • Open the front door by code or fingerprint
  • Talk to visitors outside your house even when on the move using the Gira DCS mobile App

Sound from Sonos

  • Add Sonos music boxes independently
  • Be woken up with music and light
  • Start or stop your favourite playlist at the touch of a button


  • Integrating cross-functional KNX-capable products such as garden irrigation systems, household appliances, etc.

Remote access

  • Possible in combination with Gira S1

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