EDIFACT is the standard that enables the full or partial electronic processing of many standard business transactions between companies.

EDIFACT stands for:

Electronic Data Interchange For Administration Commerce and Transport

How did EDIFACT come about?

For many years, a United Nations working group for the simplification of international trade procedures has been working to develop standards for data elements, codes and syntax rules in conjunction with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Gira has been successfully using EDIFACT since 1991.

Your EDIFACT partner:

We follow the recommendations of the EDIFACT Working Group made up of member companies from the associations VEG and ZVEI. The data structures are organized in accordance with the rules of the EDIFACT subset EANCOM. The working group has mapped the structures for the following message types: order, order response, despatch advice and invoice.


In this context, GIRA uses “Order” EDIFACT messages in the versions

Despatch advice

We offer “despatch advice” messages in the versions


We can offer the “invoice” message type in the versions

Remittance advice

We are happy to accept “remittance advice” message types in the form of version REMADV D98A.

Transmitting an EDIFACT message

An EDIFACT message is transmitted between the sender and the receiver in EDIFACT format. This requires the conversion of in-house data into the EDIFACT format using a conversion program (converter).

Data transfer

We use Deutsche Telekom’s Telebox 400 service for the transfer.

What you have to do:

Submit an application to Deutsche Telekom (or a comparable service provider) for the provision of the Telebox 400 service. The Telebox offers a variety of access options (telephone network, modem, ISDN, Datex-P). Select the access option suited to your requirements or existing installations.

Selection and use of a converter

The converter has the task of converting your data (e.g. orders) into the EDIFACT format or incoming data (e.g. order responses, despatch advices) into your in-house format. This conversion is defined in the “conversion rules”. They can be assigned a GLN (Global Location Number) at GS1.

Address: GS1 Germany GmbH, Maarweg 133, 50825 Cologne, Germany

Coordinating the fine-tuning with us via the organisational process and communicating your GLN and X.400 address, including a 14-day test run.

What else you need to know

Our telebox number: 2008667

Our X.400 address:
Land/Country (C): DE
ADMD (A): viaT
Nachname/Surname (S): GIRA
Vorname/Givenname (G)
Organisation/Organization (O): GIRA-GIERSIEPEN
Allgemeiner Name/Common Name (CN): GIRA

Our GLN: 4010337000006
Our BBN: 4010337

Your contact person at GIRA:

Order Processing
Phone +49 (0) 2195 602 400
Fax +49 (0) 2195 602 239
Email: auftragsabwicklung@gira.de

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