Simple operation with the Gira Interface

With the user-friendly Gira Interface, the operating surface of the Gira HomeServer, controlling innovative building technology is child’s play. The menu navigation is clearly designed and intuitive. Any function can be reached within just two levels. Additional information or operating elements are displayed directly in a pop-up window. This allows very convenient operation via touch screen – with just one finger.

Clear function display

All the devices in a room can be seen at a glance. All the functions can be operated directly from this display – quickly and without any detours. Various icons and meters display the status of certain functions, so occupants can immediately recognise whether emails have been received or how many lights are currently active in a room, for example.

Clear pop-up menu

Detailed information and operating elements do not open on another level, but rather within a clear pop-up menu over the current list view. This completely eliminates the annoyance of having to click through countless menu items – and makes operation even more convenient.

Personal favourites list

Users can compile a customised list of their frequently used functions under the “Favourites” menu item. Predefined light scenes and temperature settings can be saved here, for example.

Convenient filter function

Various functions can be filtered in accordance with their status and displayed across all rooms. So, for instance, all open windows can be listed before leaving the home, so that nothing is left to chance.

Personalised start screen

Using the “MyTouch” function, each and every user can set up their own personalised start screen – by uploading their own background images and placing frequently used functions in the centre, for example.

Integrated music control

Starting your day with your favourite song or being greeted by it when you arrive home in the evening: thanks to the integrated media player controller, occupants always have the right music in their ears.

Convenient door communication

See who is at the door straight away and open it with a single finger: audiovisual door communication can be easily integrated into the Gira Interface by means of a plug-in. Convenient operation takes place via third-party touch panels or a PC.

Greater security thanks to camera surveillance

The Gira HomeServer ensures greater security within your own four walls by facilitating the integration of several cameras. The user interface will allow you to see, in a single step, who’s in the garden or at the gate.

Central data evaluation

The Gira HomeServer continuously records all operating and consumption data and evaluates it. So even long-term trends can be easily analysed, comparative calculations made and potential savings identified faster.

Cost-cutting energy module

With the energy module function, occupants can always keep an eye on their gas, water or electricity consumption. Using the Gira Interface, current consumption values can be easily and clearly compared with data from the previous year so you can literally check whether everything is in the green.

Current weather data

Is it sunny or rainy? You need only glance at the Gira Interface to get a quick answer to this question. In addition to displaying data from an integrated weather station, an international weather service with current data is also available free of charge via the HomeServer.

Direct access to emails and news services

With the Gira Interface you can access, read and sort emails centrally. News reports and blog feeds from various online sources can also be displayed in RSS 2.0 format.