Button for Gira One

Controlling smart technology the conventional way

With its integrated temperature sensor, the button for Gira One offers every function required to operate the Gira One system in a simple, attractive and yet cost-effective way. It has no limits when it comes to a home unit's main functions and also has an integrated temperature sensor. Heating and cooling can therefore be easily controlled using one button per room. 

Functions include light switching and dimming, scene control, raising and lowering blinds and much more besides. The button is operated like a switch, by pressing it from above and below. An integrated 3-colour LED status display also serves as an orientation light. The slimline profile of the button for Gira One gives it an elegant, timeless design.

It can be combined with the design lines from the Gira System 55 and with the Gira F100.

  • Gira One Smart Home – easy to control
  • Can be combined with the Gira System 55 and the Gira F100
  • Timeless, attractive design with extensive colour options
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Protected from tampering and eavesdropping by KNX Secure
  • Simple start-up, updates and troubleshooting using Gira Project Assistant (version 5.0 and above).
  • Rockers can be inscribed with different symbols
  • LED with three colour settings – red, green or blue

1-gang and 2-gang buttons available

Wide variety of designs for every mood.

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