DCS repeater

The Gira DCS repeater is an active component for expanding the Gira door communication system. It can be used to double the cable length and number of devices in a door intercom system, which makes the DCS repeater the ideal solution for buildings with many residential units and long cable lengths. Using an audio/video control device as an additional power source, the DCS repeater amplifies the audio and data signals of the door communication system in both directions. The video signal is also amplified.

Two operating modes are possible

Depending on the scope of the system, the DCS repeater can be utilised in two different operating modes: in repeater or multi-conversation mode.

In “repeater mode”, the DCS repeater interconnects 2 line segments so that the number of devices in a video or audio door communication system and cable range can be doubled.

In “multi-conversation mode”, the entire system is subdivided into several lines (1 main line with up to 5 ancillary lines) interconnected via the DCS repeater. Power is supplied to each line by its own control device. In this way, several conversations can be conducted within the overall system.

Technical data

Power supply
26 V DC ± 2 V(bus voltage)
2 screw terminals bus In 2 plug-in terminals bus Out
temperature range
-5 °C to +45 °C
memory card
microSD card (SDHC) up to max. 32 GB
DRA device / 2 modular widths


Operating instructions

DCS repeater

Operating instructions.

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Gira door communication

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Guides / system basics

Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

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