Gira DCS-IP gateway

Enables the door intercom system to be operated by smartphone, tablet and computer, and the Gira G1

The Gira DCS-IP gateway makes the door communication system even more convenient and flexible to operate. With a single device, the door intercom system can be connected via the network to a smartphone, tablet or computer, as well as to the Gira G1. The devices become communication hubs and can be used wherever a network connection or WLAN is available. The DCS-IP gateway is installed as a DRA device in the control cabinet and converts signals from the Gira door communication system to the network protocol level (IP). Start-up is easy and is performed using a web interface. For remote access, communication is encrypted via the integrated Secure Data Access, which is also used for the Gira S1.

With the latest software update of the DCS-IP gateway, new mobile door communication features are available, such as spontaneous activation of the camera without prior door call or an automatic image memory, so that it is possible to see who called earlier.

Mobile access on the move

Whether you’re on the move or using your home’s WLAN: With Gira DCS mobile, Gira provides a real highlight for mobile access to the door intercom system. The communication between iOS or Android smartphones and the DCS-IP gateway is encrypted thanks to integrated Secure Data Access. This guarantees maximum safety.

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Door communication with the Gira G1

When combined with the Gira DCS IP gateway and a door station video, the new Gira G1 can be used as a home station. The camera image automatically appears on the display when the doorbell rings. The door can be opened or the entrance light switched on at the touch of a finger.

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Mobile door communication

Door communication on the computer

The computer can be used as a home station for door communication via the network connection. Voice transmission between the computer and door station is lip-synchronised via SIP. Any PC in the home can therefore become a home station without major retrofitting. The necessary network infrastructure is often already in place, and the relevant software only has to be installed on the computer itself. In this way, the entrance can be viewed from every room in the house.

Connection to the Gira HomeServer

The Gira DCS-IP gateway can be connected to the Gira HomeServer via a plug-in. As a result, the door communication system is integrated into the Gira Interface and can be operated in various ways. This makes door communication more flexible and creates numerous new application options. The Gira Keyless In fingerprint and keypad components can additionally be integrated. Fingerprints are assigned directly on the respective reader. All data, including access authorisations, can be managed centrally and flexibly using the Gira HomeServer. Temporary or one-time access authorisations can also be granted very easily in this way. Connection to the Gira HomeServer enables intelligent links of all types: for example, opening the door can be coupled with switching on the lights or heating.


Operating instructions


Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

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DCS Communicator

Operating instructions (master copy)

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

PDF, 223,3 KB


HomeServer transfer parameters for controlling the DCS Communicator

The DCS Communicator PlugIn Client in the Quad Client calls up the file „TKS-Communicator.exe“ via a parameter transfer. The events are controlled via UDP telegrams.

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

PDF, 52,1 KB


Setting up mobile call forwarding

This document describes how to set up mobile call forwarding for a door call using the Gira DCS IP gateway and the "Gira DCS mobile" app.

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

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Gira door communication

Bestell-Nr 18123 90

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Firmware file

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

ZIP, 98,3 MB


DCS-IP-gateway Finder (V 1.1.2)

Windows version of the DCS-IP-gateway Finder.

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

EXE, 5,8 MB


DCS-IP-gateway Finder (V 1.1.3)

MAC OS version of the DCS-IP-gateway Finder. Note: The ZIP file must be extracted prior to installation.

Bestell-Nr 2620 97, 2620 98, 2620 99

ZIP, 12,1 MB


Guides / system basics

Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

PDF, 5,4 MB


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