Gira Project Assistant

Gira Project Assistant (GPA): Many systems, one tool.

A myriad of separately branded software tools and an incalculable programming workload for building technology? This is a thing of the past. Where configuring the installed products has so far required complicated procedures and synchronisation of the necessary start-up tools, you can now handle everything with a single start-up tool: the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) – covering a multitude of applications.

The GPA offers convincing proof of its user-friendliness across all facets and phases of configuration and that a uniform tool connects the individual Gira systems. For you as a master electrician, the GPA keeps you one step ahead when configuring set-ups.

GPA release v3 and v4

Comprehensive networking has never been easier: Gira keeps its word. With the new versions 3 and 4, Gira is launching two major GPA releases in 2018. Following up on the logic functions (v1) and visualisation features (v2), these releases now integrate start-up of the Gira door communication system (v3) and the new Gira Alarm Connect security system (v4). Building technology has never been easier or quicker to configure. The standardised programming also means that master electricians who are already using GPA will need very little training. Once you've "learned" the GPA, you know all you need to know to place all the additional functions and devices into operation and link up the systems.


  • New universal software for fast and simple start-up – free of charge
  • Support in the entire life cycle of the smart home (from configuration, through start-up, documentation to maintenance)
  • Integration of logic, visualisation, door communication and security system/burglar alarm
  • Standardised usability across a multitude of devices
  • Simple implementation of cross-system functions
  • Automatically create visualisations for mobile end devices and the Gira G1 (in conjunction with a Gira X1)
  • Simple implementation of cross-system functions


  • Significantly faster configuration saves costs
  • Building set-up and adding devices, components and visualisation features: all simple to implement via drag and drop
  • Automate house technology using logic functions
  • High-performance simulation tool
  • Automatically creates documentation
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Remote maintenance via the Gira S1
  • Support training available at

1. Managing projects: The GPA also displays several projects in a clearly-arranged order. Project progress can be indicated by colours.

2. Parameterising functions: Simple and clear GPA editors help to configure the various building functions in a structured manner.

3. Creating a building: The desired building is created quickly and easily by drag & drop. Devices and functions can be located in the same manner.

4. Designing the interface: In the GPA, functions of intelligent building technology can be arranged by drag & drop in the order that they will then appear on mobile devices. Over 300 Gira pictographs facilitate individual labelling of building parts and functions.

5. Processing logic pages: The GPA features a simple graphic editor for creating logic pages. Numerous logic pages can be used, switched to active or inactive, structured for daytime and quickly relocated.

6. Verifying the logic: The simulation function of the GPA makes it possible to simulate and verify the functionality of a created logic in advance. This significantly speeds up start-up.

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