Revox operating unit Voxnet 218

Simply enter a room and call up your favourite music with a single press of a button. This is made possible by the wall-mounted control unit Voxnet 218 for Revox Voxnet - in harmony with the design of the Gira design line. The Voxnet multi-user audio system's easy and intuitive single-button operation via the wall-mounted control units makes it unique on the market. Every button in the Revox system can be assigned to any function.

Operation and function

With the Voxnet 218 operating unit, a user or a source can be selected with just one press of a button and the music enjoyed in the desired room or even in several rooms. Each button of the operating unit can be assigned individual functions in the Voxnet Configurator. A distinction is made between short and long presses. 


The Voxnet 218 operating unit is connected to a Voxnet 219 amplifier. The operating units for the Revox system are available from electrical retailers and are installed by electricians.


Have your Voxnet operating unit 218 professionally inscribed via the Gira Inscription Service.

About the Inscription Service


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78048 Villingen-Schwenningen

Tel +49(0)7721-8704-0

More information on the Revox multiroom system is available at

Technical data

Current consumption:

17 mA

Screw-type plug-in connector, connection:

3 x 0.15 to 1 mm²

Cable length to Revox Multiroom amplifier Voxnet 219 219:

max. 100 m

Parallel operation:

max. 2 operating units

Ambient temperature:

-5°C to +45°C

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

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