Gira IP flush-mounted radio

Worldwide reception, directly from the wall

A small device with a big output: featuring nearly all stations worldwide that are available on the internet, high-quality audio, excellent WLAN-based reception and a number of extras, the Gira IP flush-mounted radio offers a multifaceted auditory experience. It is intuitive to operate, and the System 3000 App provides many additional functions, such as a weather forecast and an alarm clock, individual audio settings and configuration of the device display, along with controlling Sonos speakers. In addition to digital radio stations, a smartphone can be paired with the Gira IP flush-mounted radio using Bluetooth, allowing you to play your own playlists. The easy flush-mounted installation is carried out together with the speaker in the Gira System 55 or Gira F100 design lines. A practical side effect: wall mounting keeps surfaces free in the kitchen or bathroom. The integrated 230 V/AC auxiliary input makes it possible to switch the radio on and off automatically together with the light, and this in combination with a motion detector as well.

  • Internet connection by means of WPS at the touch of a button, or using the Gira System 3000 App
  • Convenient operation from the sofa using the Gira System 3000 App
  • Can be used as a radio, Bluetooth speaker or a Sonos operating point
  • Weather forecast for the current day appears in the display
  • Alarm function
  • Suitable for all Gira System 55 and Gira F100 designs

Switch on now - Discover the functions of the Gira IP flush-mounted radio

Want to know what the IP flush-mounted radio can do? Then try our animation, which will not only introduce you to the radio's functions, but also to those of the Gira System 3000 App.

Connecting to the internet is easy to do at the touch of a button using WPS, or just as convenient using the System 3000 App, with the 20 stations most frequently selected on site automatically being saved to the favourites list. The first three can be switched on using the speed-dial button, and the others using the skip button. What’s more, the System 3000 App can be used to add stations and sort the favourites list, and to enter basic settings for the Gira IP flush-mounted radio System 55. This includes the content and appearance of the display.

More about the Gira System 3000 App