Gira DCS TC gateway

Door communication by phone

The Gira DCS TC gateway integrates the door communication system into the existing telephone system. This enables calls to be accepted and the door opener to be controlled via a landline or mobile telephone.

The corresponding telephone numbers are programmed in advance in the DCS TC gateway, then the phone rings – simultaneously in the garden, holiday home or at work, for example – and the visitor at the front door can be spoken to.

Function, features

Up to 2 x 50 phone numbers can be programmed into the DCS TC gateway, and call forwarding and day/night switching can also be activated. The gateway sends a different signal than the normal phone call. This can be indicated with differing ringtones from a local landline telephone. The gateway also supports the call waiting function if the phone is currently in use.

Installation, setup

The DCS TC gateway can be configured via the telephone's DTMF tones or via PC-supported programming software. An interface enables software updates for the gateway. Connection is directly via the exchange, meaning that no PBX system is required for analogue operation. If there is an existing TC system, communication can be directly via the a/b connection. It is also possible to operate several DCS TC gateways on the Gira door communication bus.

Installation in the sub-distribution (six HP). If this is not possible, a common surface-mounted distributor is used.

Technical data

Power supply

8-24 V AC/DC


2 screw terminals 2-wire bus
2 screw terminals exchange connection a/b
2 screw terminals a'/b'
2 screw terminals
Power supply V24-programming interface


DRA device with 6 HP

Temperature range

-10ºC to +60ºC

Gira door communication system

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Door intercoms for indoor use


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