Gira System 3000 Bluetooth. The smart solution for in-room functions.

What requirements is the System 3000 Bluetooth suitable for?

The Gira System 3000 Bluetooth enables entry into the world of the smart home. It is particularly suitable for controlling individual rooms, retrofitting and new-builds. The basis for this is a Gira System 3000 installation with conventional 230 V wiring. To enable users to selectively control individual functions such as lights or blinds in the room intelligently using the app, simply plug the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth operating top units to the desired Gira System 3000 flush-mounted inserts. Here, the level of automation can be specified separately for each room.

  • Needs-based automation of individual rooms/functions
  • Lighting, blinds and heating control
  • Conventionally wired installation (230 V)
  • Available in different colours and designs
  • Start-up without programming knowledge
  • Operated via operating unit, smartphone, tablet
  • For retrofitting and new-builds

How is the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth operated?

Either conventionally via the operating units, or using a smartphone or tablet via the Gira System 3000 App, which has a range of up to 10 metres. On the user interface, users have a clear overview of all the settings for the lights, blinds and room temperature. Changes are easy for users to implement themselves.

What prior knowledge is required for start-up?

You do not need any special programming knowledge to start up the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth. The desired settings can be made directly on the device or in the Gira System 3000 App, which has integrated start-up wizards and help texts.

What add-on options does the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth offer?

If your customers are looking to add smart home functions at a later date, these can be implemented using the radio-operated Gira KNX RF system. All that is required is to replace the Gira System 3000 operating top units.

Function overview:


  • Privacy protection 
  • Timer
  • Group control


  • Switching and dimming
  • Timer

Temperature control

  • Air conditioning as required
  • Holiday mode



Smart Home solutions from Gira

Issue: 02-2023

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