BIM data from Gira

What is BIM data?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) describes a method for the optimised planning, execution and management of buildings using software. Whereas changes to a construction project led to significant additional costs, time and communication effort in the past, it is now possible to make the adjustments easily in the project file with BIM. Thanks to automatic synchronisation, changes to the drawings are made visible for everyone involved in the construction, and are thus available immediately for architects, technical planners, authorities & fire protection experts. The new quantity and cost calculations resulting from the adjustments are also synchronised automatically.

Gira's BIM data is continuously supplemented and updated in order to offer optimal planning support.

Where can I find the Gira BIM data?

For the British market, BIM data for Gira products is available for downloading free of charge. The Gira BIM data can be found either directly on the corresponding product page in our online catalogue, or can be downloaded here as a central file with all products. 

Gira online catalogue

In the Gira online catalogue, you will find the relevant BIM data on the corresponding product page under the "Download” tab.

To the Gira online catalogue

Gira BIM data download

You can perform a central, one-off download of all BIM data here. Please note that our data is updated continuously.

Download all Gira BIM data here

Feedback on the Gira BIM data?

Do you have feedback on our Gira BIM data? We are always glad to receive information and feedback on errors or simply suggestions for improvement. Please send your feedback to




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