Additional door station functions

Door station, colour aluminium, 1-gang with colour camera
Door station, colour aluminium, 3-gang with colour camera
Door station, colour aluminium, 2-gang with info module
Door station, colour aluminium, 3-gang with Keyless In

Can be flexibly expanded.

The other components of the Gira door station can be flexibly extended – i.e. they can also be added later in the retrofitting if the basic version of the Gira door station is already installed, as the signals are transmitted via the existing lines. The door station is then simply installed with the new functions in a larger cover frame.

Colour camera

It sees it all: the Gira colour camera with wide-angle lens. It effectively covers an area of 100°. For alignment, the lens can additionally be swivelled manually by 20° in any direction. Temperature-dependent heating provides protection at sub-zero temperatures. Note: If the colour camera is used, the video control device is required. In the event of damage, the camera dome can be replaced independently of the electronics.

Day/night switching of the colour camera

A further feature: day/night switching. If the ambient brightness drops below a value of 1 lux, it automatically switches over from day to night mode. During the day, the colour camera ensures optimal colour rendering by means of automatic backlighting compensation, gain control and white balance. At night, it delivers extremely clear black and white images thanks to its light sensitivity. In order for the CCD sensor to detect all the details in the dark, the colour camera is additionally equipped with LEDs for uniform illumination of the camera's field of view.

Functions from the TX_44 design line

Useful: Because the Gira flush-mounted door stations are compatible with the Gira TX_44 design line, they can also be combined with any of the TX_44 functions in a cover frame, e.g. with an automatic control switch. This then automatically activates the lighting at the front door as soon as someone approaches.

Additional call buttons

The door stations can be extended to include additional 1-gang or 3-gang call button modules. If a call button is unassigned because it is used for example for a two-family house, a cover plate can simply be placed over that call button, or it can take on another function, such as light switching, in combination with a switching actuator.

Info module

The info module is integrated into the door station and backlit with a maintenance-free LED in either white or blue. The required information is displayed on the module, e.g. house number, name or opening times. At, the Gira Inscription Service will create a professional sign according to your personal specifications using weather-resistant and non-fading materials.

Keyless In

Gira now offers the Keyless In keypad as a further function within the Gira door communication system. Integrated in the Gira door stations, it provides a convenient and secure alternative for entirely keyless access to the house, as the technology is based on an electronic system. Gira Keyless In can also be integrated indoors and is then installed in the frames of the Gira design lines.

Technical data

Colour camera

Power supply
1. Camera via system bus 2. Camera via additional 24 VDC power supply Connections camera insert: 2 system bus connector strips 1 video connector strip 1 connector strip for connection for external camera
Image capture element
CCD sensor 1/3 inch
Wide-angled lens
150º aperture angle
Visible detection range
Angle of detection of camera 100°
Swivel angle
20º in each direction
Colour system
Image elements
500 (H) x 582 (V)
Horizontal resolution
380 TV lines
Switching threshold for colour to B/W operation
10 lux
Light sensitivity in B/W operation
0.1 lux
Electronic shutter speed
up to 1/100000 s
Recommended camera installation height
1.50 m
Temperature range
-20ºC to +50ºC

Call button

Power supply
via system bus
2 system bus connector strips
Dimensions of inscription labels
Call button, 1-gang: W 62 x H 62 mm Call button 3-gang: W 62 x H 18 mm
Temperature range:
-25°C to +70°C

Info module

Power supply
via system bus
2 system bus connector strips
Dimensions of name plate
W 62 x H 62 mm
Temperature range
-25ºC to +70ºC


Operating instructions

Colour camera

Operating instructions.

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Gira for the home

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Gira door communication

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