Gira USB power supply

Gira USB power supply, 2-gang, E2, pure white glossy

For the first time, Gira is offering a USB power supply with two sockets for installation in the 58 mm flush-mounted device box – in the style of the design line. Mobile devices such as smartphones and cameras can be charged directly via the Gira USB power supply without the need for an additional charger. The charging current is up to 2100 mA, which allows even the most power-hungry devices to be charged.


Smartphones, tablets and digital cameras all have their own separate chargers, which means that you have probably acquired an extensive collection of different ones. However, many newer models can be supplied with power and charged via a USB connection. All that is needed is a suitable USB connection cable.

Simultaneous use of two sockets

The Gira USB power supply provides two sockets, which allows two devices to be connected simultaneously. This is especially useful if you quickly need to charge your mobile phone and camera just before you go on holiday, for example. You will no longer need to hunt for the right charger.

Technical data

Charging current
2100 mA
Primary rated voltage
100 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz
Secondary rated voltage.
Temperature range
0°C to +40°C
Standby power
≤ 0.3 W


Operating instructions

Insert for USB power supply, 2-gang

Operating instructions.

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Product information

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Gira USB-Spannungsversorgung

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Gira Design Line & Function

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