Gira rotary dimmer

Rotary dimmer,
Event, colour aluminium/anthracite
Rotary dimmer,
Gira E2, pure white glossy
Rotary dimmer,
Standard 55, pure white glossy
Rotary dimmer,
Gira F100, pure white glossy

The rotary dimmer switches and dims light sources such as light bulbs, HV halogen lamps, LV halogen lamps with Gira Tronic transformers or LV halogen lamps with conventional transformers. Auxiliary unit operation is possible using an auxiliary unit insert. The dimmer can be operated together with a mains decoupler.

A mains decoupler cannot be operated when auxiliary units are connected. Capacitive loads (e.g. Gira Tronic transformers) and inductive loads (e.g. conventional transformers) cannot be connected to the universal dimming insert at the same time.

Other product details

- Soft start for longer lamp life
- Electronic short-circuit protection
- Automatic excess-temperature protection
- Power extension via power boosters
- Includes spring plug-in terminals


Operating instructions

Universal LED rotary dimming insert Standard

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2450 00

PDF, 428,3 KB


Universal LED rotary dimming insert Komfort

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2455 00

PDF, 519,1 KB


Guides / system basics

Gira System 3000

System basics

PDF, 9,5 MB


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