Gira LED orientation light, white

Gira LED orientation lights enable the targeted use of lighting accents. They can be used to light up stairs, dark hallways or outdoor pathways, for example, and thus provides greater safety for walking and orientation both indoors and outdoors. In addition to the LED orientation light with RGB LED, which can be used to create freely selectable lighting moods, Gira is now also offering this light with a white LED. Orientation lighting can be installed more quickly and economically with the new light.

Gira inscription service

The Inscription Service can professionally design orientation and signal lights to suit your personal requirements in the System 55 design line and the Gira F100. This can be done quickly and easily online. In just a few steps you can create a personal template and order it via the form on The finished label (available for a fee) is then delivered without delay. There is also a PDF template online that you can print out yourself free of charge. 

Technical data

Power supply
230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption
8.5 VA
Light intensity
2.2 cd (white)
Protection type
IP 20
Operating temperature
-15 ºC to +40 ºC


Operating instructions

LED orientation light 230 V~

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2361 00, 2364 00

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