Gira blind controller

Manual blind controller

Convenient control options for the daily raising and lowering of blinds, e.g. with the Gira blind rocker switch or the Gira System 3000 blind control insert. The corresponding operating top unit is available with or without arrow symbols.

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Electronic blind controller

Time-dependent control options automate the daily operation of roller shutters or simulate presence while you are away on holiday. Gira offers a range of top units with memory function, blind timer or programming via Bluetooth.

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Blind control via Bluetooth

With the Gira System 3000 blind controller, the daily raising and lowering of blinds and shutters, etc. is more convenient than ever before. The System 3000 blind timer and timer BT makes both manual and time-controlled operation possible via the Bluetooth App.

System 3000 blind controller

Blind control by remote

Easily control blinds, shutters or awnings with a wireless remote: via the eNet SMART HOME App, the wireless operating top unit Memory, the Gira G1 or a wireless hand-held or wall transmitter.

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Blind control via KNX

If the Gira KNX system is installed, various functions can be combined in a single device. Lighting and blind control. Or ventilation via the blind controller.

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Various sensors can be combined with the blind control options. They measure light intensity or wind speed, for example.

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