Gira energy profile with three SCHUKO socket outlets and light element

Energy profile with three SCHUKO socket outlets and light element, colour aluminium
Energy profile with three SCHUKO socket outlets and light element, anthracite

The Gira energy profile with three SCHUKO socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection (‘shutter’) and light element supplies electricity to outdoor electric devices and provides atmospheric lighting for garden paths, entrance areas and terraces.

A diffusing plate guarantees optimal illumination, and a narrow, light outlet on the rear of the light element provides additional guidance. An optional slat element lets you aim the light directly onto the path or onto an object of your choice.

Light element

  • Aluminium reflector with acrylic glass plate
  • Suitable for light sources with E27 screw base
  • Pre-assembled and ready-to-connect
  • Can be connected using a plug-in terminal block
  • IP 44 water protection
  • Supplied without light source

Slat element

Green areas in view: an optional slat element enables the lighting to be directed to a specific area, e.g. on the path to the house or on a garden sculpture. It can be easily inserted into the light element of the Gira energy profile to direct the light downwards onto the ground using fixed slats. Or, if direction of insertion is rotated by 180°, light can be directed upwards toward the intended object.


The housing, cap and base of the Gira energy profile are made of robust, weather-resistant aluminium with an easy-care surface. It is scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant and conforms to the GSB standard in the colour anthracite. The device unit is also notable for its robustness. Shatter-proof and shock-resistant thermoplastic resists weathering, which ensures high durability.


The Gira energy profile is pre-assembled with SCHUKO socket outlets, which can be easily connected using a plug-in terminal block. On hard surfaces, the base of the Gira energy profile is fixed to the ground using only one wall plug. For soft surfaces, it is easily fixed using an optionally available ground anchor that is driven into the ground. When laying the cable in the garden, other than a trench cutting machine, mini-digger or excavation by hand, the use of an ‘impact mole’, which is shot through the earth, is particularly recommended as it causes very little damage to the garden.

Areas of application

The Gira energy profile provides a connection in the garden and outdoor area, for example for:

  • Electric lawnmowers and pond pumps
  • Electric grills, radiators and refrigerators with a tap
  • Televisions, music systems and computers

In addition, it provides lighting:

  • along garden paths and flower beds
  • in entrance areas
  • on terraces and green areas

Device unit

  • Three SCHUKO socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection ("shutter") and hinged cover
  • 3-gang frame from the Gira TX_44 design line
  • IP 44 water protection


H 769 x W 142 x D 75 mm
H 10 x W 229 x D 155 mm


Installation instructions

Energy Profile, Light Column

Operating instructions, Energy profile (1341 ..), Energy profile with lighting element (1342 ..), Light column (1343 ..), Light column, short (1344 ..).

Bestell-Nr 1341 .., 1342 .., 1343 .., 1344 ..

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Product information

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Gira Energiesäule

Bestell-Nr 1882 10

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Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

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