Gira products for surface-mounted installation

Gira E2 surface-mounted switch

Fitting brilliantly into all those places with no pre-laid lines or flush-mounted boxes, the Gira E2 surface-mounted solution is ideal for rounding off retrofits. The surface-mounted version is available in pure white glossy.

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Round and square, black and white: the new Gira Studio design line in high-​quality glass focuses on contrasts. As a surface-​mounted variant in trendy designer interiors, or as a flush-​mounted variant in sophisticated living areas. When combined with inserts from the Gira System 55, Gira Studio allows for a whole host of modern designs and future-​proof installations.

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Gira TX_44 is the perfect design line for use outdoors or in damp rooms, but it also has a role to play in interior design.

Gira TX_44 design line

Water-protected, surface-mounted

The Gira water-protected, surface-mounted range is a particularly robust design line, suitable for installation in damp rooms and in all locations with challenging conditions.

Gira water-protected surface-mounted design line

Profile 55

More functions, more options, more flexibility – simply mounted to the wall: Gira Profile 55 provides an easy way to extend the existing installation without having to prise open the wall.

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Energy profile and light profiles

The Gira energy profile and light profiles are used to extend the electrical installation for outdoor use. They can be installed precisely where additional light and connections are needed.


Door communication profile

The Gira door communication profile allows for a wide range of outdoor applications. The energy profiles have empty units that can be outfitted with light elements, call buttons, door speakers, info modules or the colour camera from the Gira door station, or various additional functions.

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